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From 444 days ago
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Learn today how to do curation the right way. Our infographic and white paper will help you understand the benefits of curating content for your websites.


Written by tiroberts
440 days ago

I was really big into curation when I started blogging

Written by HeatherStone
440 days ago

Hi Ti,

Can you share with the community some of the ways you used curation in your content creation strategy?

Written by HeatherStone
440 days ago

Hi Steve,

Great infographic on curation, a subject that much more could be written about -- even though much has been written about it already. I think one aspect of curation that could more thoroughly be addressed is a how-to with examples and suggestions to help those just getting started.

Written by HeatherStone
440 days ago

Hi Steve,

Sounds great! Hope you'll share that post with the community here on BizSugar and hope you've shared these other past posts as well.

Written by stevejwilliams
440 days ago

Hello Heather,

Thanks for your comment.

Here is my promise: I will soon write about how I do curation for my blog. I will add examples and the tools I use.

Here is some of curated posts I wrote:

(+) You may want to visit my "Blogger Week in Review" series:

(+) A longer curated post about "Free Images"


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