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BtoB online marketing is much different than BtoC marketing. While online marketing today allows you to reach a broad (but still targeted) audience at a cost effective price, BtoB marketing still takes targeted prospecting in order to reach your ideal audience.


Written by lyceum
461 days ago

Gary: Thanks for your input. Talking about franchising, have you looked at Joel Libava's stuff? He is the The Franchise King! :)

Written by GaryShouldis
458 days ago

NO, but I will check him out, thanks Martin. Is TftW published yet?

Written by lyceum
461 days ago

Gary: Have you seen examples on how to do it in the right way, recently?

Written by GaryShouldis
461 days ago

Hi Martin, enterprise level sales teams use a method like this, they call it account based marketing, where sales and marketing work together to put together a strategic sales/marketing plan to land a single large account. The list prospecting is a sales tactic, but marketers can learn from these sales tactics. My blog post adds a twist to it as there is an additional step of creating an online ad campaign around it before outreach starts. The reason I wrote this is I use this method for a client who is targeting high-value franchise prospects and typical online marketing does not work as we need to find our prospects first and then market to them. It takes a lot of planning and is time consuming, but it works when you are trying to be specific on what clients you want to work with.

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