Do I Need A Privacy Policy on My Website?

Do I Need A Privacy Policy on My Website? - Avatar Posted by VisibleLogic under Online Marketing
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When we work on web sites for our clients one of things I always ask is for them to provide content for a privacy policy. Many of our clients are surprised that we are asking for this as they may not have a policy written up, even if they already have a web site live for their business.

To help you understand why you need a privacy policy and the important details you should consider, I asked Adam Nyhan to provide some insight. Adam Nyhan is an attorney affiliated with Opticliff Law, LLC and a former General Counsel at a New York software firm.


Written by farhankhalid
222 days ago

Yes you need to add Privacy Policy and Terms along with Disclaimer for the website. You can get the samples from other websites just marked these pages disallow in robots.

Written by staronline
224 days ago
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Written by lyceum
224 days ago

Emily: Do you you know about standard forms with privacy policy text that I can add to my website? How about the new General Data Protection Regulation law coming into place on May 25? It is bit "funny" that it popped up a form from Google company with GDPR text when I searched for this keyword.

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