Creating Useful Marketing One Frozen Burrito at a Time

Creating Useful Marketing One Frozen Burrito at a Time Avatar Posted by Copysugar under Online Marketing
From 601 days ago
Made Hot by: centrifugePR on July 17, 2013 3:37 am
“You are in two businesses,” Joe Pulizzi says.

“You’re in the ‘whatever business you’re in’ business, and you’re in the media business.”

Greg Ng lives, breathes, sleeps, and eats this dichotomy.

But mostly, he eats.

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Written by tiroberts
29 days ago

You shared some interesting insight here. This is a pretty debated topic in our space. Thanks for sharing your insights. Ti

Written by tiroberts
601 days ago

Fantastic piece, Jay.

This is the perfect example of what innovation and creativity will get you. Ng had a very unique idea and it's cool that it took off and his business is doing so well.

I like what you mentioned about "Youtility". This is a great term and I'm glad your pointed out it's importance!

One of the things that I quickly realized that will get you known quickly online is to create stupidly insanely valuable content, the kind that you should be charging for and just give it away for free.

Doing this has really worked wonders for building up my brand and blog traffic. And it's been great for helping me getting noticed by top bloggers in my niche and building relationships.

This is my first time visiting and I'm glad I dropped by; I'm loving what I've seen and read so far. I'm glad to have found your content on Tribber.

I'll be sure to share this post with my social network. I'll also comment on it over on BizSugar.

I look forward to reading and connecting more with you soon.



Written by lyceum
594 days ago

Ti: I agree with your statement regarding "Youtility", and Greg Ng's inspiring video venture.

I have to ask why you use the words "stupidly insanely" in the same sentence as "valuable content". You are creating valuable content, but it is not stupid or insane... ;)

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