Whether you have a storefront, restaurant, or a booth at a trade show, how much business are you missing because there is no mobile strategy?

Let me ask this question a different way – how many people do you see walking by your store, restaurant or booth staring at their smartphone? Are they stopping in? Or do they just glance your way and keep on walking?

The majority of these people want information from you. They want to know about deals or solutions you offer. They would be interested in saving on dinner or finding a better time tracking solution for their business or getting updates on sales… whatever it is you are trying to offer them.


Written by HeatherStone
1658 days ago

Hi Jon-Mikel,

I think anyone with descent analytics can tell how many visitors to their site are coming from mobile devices. If you don't have a mobile friendly site, you may have lower numbers, but that's not because mobile users aren't interested in visiting. It could mean they don't want to waste their time on a site that is too hard to navigate on a smartphone. If there were a button that could just flip your website to mobile for a few days, you would soon see the difference. It's hard to imagine a Web presence today that would not be enhanced by mobile. Thanks for sharing with the BizSugar community.

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