Here are five myths about traffic that I have learned through years of generating millions of hits to my many blogs and websites.

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Written by RenaudGagne3x3x3
111 days ago

Good article with good tips. Personally, I have never met anyone who complained about having too much traffic or having to upgrade because of it.

Written by blogbrandz
110 days ago

I read an article recently by a blogger whose article went viral causing her blog to crash, and that kind of spurred me to write this.

Written by bigmoneyweb
111 days ago

A very amazing post man, im sure many people will learn from it. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by blogbrandz
111 days ago

Thanks, Val. I appreciate the feedback.

Written by bloggerbulk
112 days ago

Thanks for sharing about damaging myths. We surely love to read such posts.

Written by blogbrandz
112 days ago

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Written by BizRock
112 days ago

Thank you for sharing this five myths about traffic,very useful.

Written by blogbrandz
112 days ago

Thanks a lot. Happy you found it useful.

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