Technical SEO: Check These 3 Errors Right Now

Technical SEO: Check These 3 Errors Right Now Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Global
From 381 days ago
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SEO is a tricky concept to grasp at the best of times… But technical SEO is on a whole different level entirely!
Despite that, it really pays to spend time frequently brushing up on your knowledge.

Here Sam Hurley reveals three technical SEO errors that need your immediate investigation. Whether you’re a marketing director, CEO, entrepreneur, or other professional — you (and your entire team) should know these disastrous technical SEO mistakes that can cost you and your business dearly.

Is your website built for optimal Google visibility in 2017?


Written by thwindowsdoors1
339 days ago

Excellent information!

Written by tiroberts
376 days ago

Great info

Written by Pankajnarang81
376 days ago

Hi Sam,

Excellent post about SEO. You have published 3 important SEO issues in blog.


Pankaj From Socialert

Written by vietpd
378 days ago

Check me out to see if the website has seo standards [Moderator's note: removed link. ^ML]

Written by pvariel
380 days ago

These are some of the common mistakes many makes.

Thanks Sam for alerting about this errors.

Yes, as Erik said a well-explained post which took me some time to read and understand. The Gigs are really interesting and thought provoking too.

Thanks Erik for sharing it here.

Thanks Sam for creating such an informative piece.

May you all have a wonderful and profitable week ahead



PS: I am going to share it on all my social media accounts



Written by Sam-Hurley
380 days ago

Thanks so much for your lovely praise and also for sharing across your networks, my friend! Every little helps :-D #Appreciated

Catch you soon, Phil!

Happy SEOing...

Sam :-)

Written by nicregi
380 days ago

This are good stuffs! Common SEO errors and thanks for sharing!

Written by Sam-Hurley
380 days ago

Thanks for your feedback! I'm very happy you enjoyed it! :-D

Written by Sam-Hurley
381 days ago

Thanks a lot for sharing this one, Erik! :-D

It took some writing!!! #SuperTechnical #SEOJunkies

Written by erikemanuelli
381 days ago

My pleasure, Sam.

It's super technical post, indeed. It took me some time to read it, and it took longer to understand all the concepts. But you did an awesome job with the explanation, so thank you for writing it!

Written by ravichahar
381 days ago

Hey Erik,

Sam has shared some amazing tips. It's always important to check the website URLs. People get confused with WWW and Non-WWW.


Written by erikemanuelli
381 days ago

That it was one of my first mistakes. And I recently found out I still need to define that on one of my niche

Indeed, a common mistake!

Written by Sam-Hurley
381 days ago

Thanks Ravi! :-D

It's one of the most common SEO errors I witness...Not good at all; yet relatively quick to correct!!


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