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Just about every business model on the planet involves some sort of upfront investment to get the ball rolling. BUT NOT JV BROKERING. Read More
I’ve always liked to keep things simple wherever possible. You see, achieving success with JVs is just a matter of taking it one step at a time. And once you’ve mastered the process you will be well on your way to increasing traffic and sales like never before. Read More
A lawyer once told me that a contract is only as good as the two parties who are signing it. And if that party has an intention of breaking the contract from the start, or even if it’s in their nature to break it, they are going to do it. Read More
Launching a new product can be a stressful experience. There are so many things that can go wrong if you’re not prepared properly. When you have upsells and affiliates involved there are a lot of moving parts too. Read More
Here’s a tip that can make a huge difference to your business. And the main reason why is that hardly anybody is doing it. You see, we live in this digital age where emails and text messages on mobile phones, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp... Read More
Here’s a question I get asked a bit… What’s the best way to get a potential JV partner to respond? Well firstly, I wouldn’t bother a potential joint venture partner too much. Read More
Possibly the most important aspect of your success with JV’s is showing people, “what’s in it for them”.

You always want to lay out what’s in it for EVERY party involved. Read More

Your BIGGEST weapon as a JV Broker

Your BIGGEST weapon as a JV Broker Avatar Posted by ScottDudley under Marketing
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Here’s a key takeaway if you want to become a successful JV Broker…

Your biggest weapon is your ability to educate your potential clients on WHY THEY NEED YOU. And what you need to understand is the reason many businesses don’t do these deals themselves is twofold. Read More
People approach me all the time about how joint ventures can work for network marketers. Well, let me tell you a quick story that explains it. I know a network-marketing distributor who offers his products to pharmacies. Read More
I'm sure you've all heard of Jay Abraham.

He's like the Oracle of Marketing and has generated over $8 billion in profit increases for his clients… Read More

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