Our Mantra: Open and Transparent

Our Stats page is where we will share our growth, analytics, heat maps and statistics.

We share everything, so you can learn with us.

Zoho Connect Analytics for Overall Health

Our Mastermind Community runs in Zoho Connect. Within Connect, there are some analytics to let you know how your community is doing. The image below shows "Overall Health".

We have added annotations to the image to show what events generated the spikes in activity.

User Engagement Analytics

Also in Zoho Connect, there are User Engagement Analytics.  In any online community, only a percentage of the members is willing to actively participate, comment or post. But many more are reading and learning.

Research typically cites these percentages:

    • 1% heavy contributors
    • 9% intermittent contributors
    • 90% lurkers

What Zoho PageSense Taught Us

Zoho PageSense allows us to toggle and see stats for tablet and smartphone users, as well as desktop.

We like to do A/B testing. It tells us the optimal length a page should be, whether our content is being seen, and other important information. We're using PageSense to optimize layouts.

The PageSense heat map (shown below) indicated that our visitors were primarily clicking on buttons formerly at the very bottom of the home page to join or enter theMastermind Community.

So to improve usability, we redesigned the home page on 4/10/19 to add these buttons at the top of the home page as well.