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As much as I love the Star Wars movies, George Lucas was and is a pretty unoriginal, some would say terrible, director and writer.

But it doesn't matter.

Like hundreds of millions of people all over the world, I'm in love with the way he presented old ideas in a different light. Something ev Read More
Job-hungry college students will be knocking on your door shortly. Here's what you need to know BEFORE hiring. Read More

Entrepreneurs: Do You really Need Virtual Offices?

Entrepreneurs: Do You really Need Virtual Offices? Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Human Resources
From http://www.noobpreneur.com 716 days ago
Made Hot by: James John on May 3, 2012 10:53 pm
Is virtual office for me? If you are looking for some easy-to-discern answers to that question, you are reading the right article! Read More
There's a lot to consider when selecting a marketing automation system. Before making a purchase, make sure you ask your marketing vendor these five questions. Read More

Business Blogs! What, When, Where, Why And How?

Business Blogs! What, When, Where, Why And How? Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Social Media
From http://tweakyourbiz.com 734 days ago
Made Hot by: Marketing_Mashup on April 14, 2012 10:27 pm
I compiled a few blogs to help explain how to set up a blog, the layout, what to write, how to excel with your blog & make money from it. Plus reasons why you should be writing a blog for your business Read More
Vendor Relations: The Lifeline to your business Guest Post by Small Biz Diamond Contributor Monica Jackson In this fast pace business world, what are you doing to strengthen your vendor/ business relationships? How have these relationships helped your small business grow? Read More

4 Time-Tested (but Trendy) Business Ideas

4 Time-Tested (but Trendy) Business Ideas Avatar Posted by sannwood under Startups
From http://www.buildalittlebiz.com 736 days ago
Made Hot by: sprint01 on April 13, 2012 7:32 am
How do you build something that’s time-tested, but audience-approved? Here are four trustworthy techniques to consider when marketing your next business idea. They’re four small things that have proven to work time after time after time. Read More

5 Secrets of “Lucky” Entrepreneurs

5 Secrets of “Lucky” Entrepreneurs Avatar Posted by CanadianFinance under Success Stories
From http://createhype.com 737 days ago
Made Hot by: MindCircusMedia on April 11, 2012 11:54 pm
I’ve been studying lucky people & as I’ve gained success in my own business, I’ve identified some common traits, and trust me, it’s anything but luck. Read More

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Catalyst and Founder Makes BizSugar Contributor List!

When we think of BizSugar members, it's hard to come up with a more enthusiastic or energetic one than our latest … More
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