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By Alex Pejak

Marketers who attempt to calculate the ROI of their social media efforts tend to come away either confused or disappointed. On one hand, it’s very difficult to directly measure the return on investment of social media marketing, so marketers end up creating ‘soft’ metrics that atte Read More
By Liesha Petrovich

You have a great idea. You know it’s a money maker. You have the skills and talent. This could be your big break…The only problem is you’re broke. In the past, starting a new business venture was expensive. You had to create or buy inventory, and find retail space. Not to me Read More
By Melanie Hargrave

When you start up a small business, it’s natural to focus on numbers, figures, and what makes the most profit. But that isn’t always the wisest mentality to have. Focusing instead on the individual, often-overlooked components of what makes a business successful can bring lon Read More
An excellent interview with Chris Brogan, why blogging is good for your business, Pinterest P’s and Q’s, keep your older works and a list of must-read financial blogs are all included in this latest #TYBCommunity post. This is our community news round-up where we share information from the blogs an Read More
A few small tweaks and changes can make a great difference in your sales. Here are a few tips that can prove to be very effective in this term
Read More

3 More Apps For Dynamic Social Media Marketing

3 More Apps For Dynamic Social Media Marketing Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Social Media
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Made Hot by: BizWise on April 21, 2014 3:47 pm
By Lisa Sills

Social media marketing is a valid part of a digital marketing campaign. While it may not necessarily lead to sales, social media marketing is particularly useful for capturing leads—especially if you’re active in a community. Read More

Use Japan’s 5-S System To Optimize Your Business

Use Japan’s 5-S System To Optimize Your Business Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Strategy
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: kingofcontent92 on April 21, 2014 6:25 pm
It’s no coincidence that Japanese cars continue to outshine US vehicles in quality. The Japanese have made achieving the highest levels of quality part of their business DNA. These major guiding principles are captured in Japan’s Five “S” System. Read More
I know how you wish for a magic wand to make your online business more successful. Well Twitter has found that magic wand for your business. More tweets? More clicks? Twitter has once again introduced a new practice to make your eCommerce brands reach out to their target audiences. Read More
Resources for writing a blog post, successful content, twitter search, management skills, exporting to Europe and lots more in this latest #TYBCommunity roundup. This is our community news round-up where we share information from the blogs and other sources we follow. Read on to find out how you ca Read More
Do you own a business? Unsure if you should get into social media?

In this post, we’re going to discuss the value of social media for different types of businesses. Read More

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