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Want to follow in Airbnb and Uber's footstep? Then McKinsey‘s Kate Smaje has advice on how you need to work. Find out the secrets of going digital and what you need to think about: Read More
Stanford Professor Sørensen says strategic leadership can be learnt. Listen to him outlining how it enables you to turn an idea into a sustainable business. Click on the headline to watch and read more and then let us know your thoughts
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We are moving into the era of entrepreneurship and consulting. To recognize your transferable strengths and determine how you can apply them is hence crucial. Click on the headline to watch and read more and then let us know your thoughts
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How Dubai has promoted itself is an almost unparalleled success story. From a small village in the desert it became a world famous city that is now sending an unmanned spacecraft to orbit Mars. Listen to the interesting story of their ventures into space including the present one that an Emirati wo Read More
That it was possible to hack the email account of the most powerful man in the world shows how vulnerable we are in cyberspace. Find out how it was done. Click on the headline to watch and read more and then let us know your thoughts
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Women in Muslim countries have in a decade achieved what took fifty years in the US. Watch this really short video with Saadia Zahidi, Senior Director of The World Economic Forum, about how during the last ten years 40 million more women have started careers Read More
Not much? Then you will find it interesting to listen to this short video where the renowned economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s finance minister, explains how to keep their high growth and make it sustainable Read More
What percentage of consumers are happy to pay a higher price for Fair Trade products? Stanford decided to find out and this is what they found. Read More

Are you a successful negotiator?

Are you a successful negotiator? Avatar Posted by CatarinasWorld under Management
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Sometimes? Then you will benefit from listening to Margaret Neale, professor of management at Stanford, explaining the pros and cons of negotiations Read More
“Sustainable growth is based on increased productivity and equality”, Ben Bernanke once said. He is right but it’s easier said than done. Read More

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