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Trust Is At The Center Of Your Personal Brand
I read an awesome post by Mary Morgan earlier today that got me thinking about trust, values, and honor. It really had me thinking about your personal brand in relationships and how that effects business. Read More
We all want to sound loose and natural, but talking off the cuff is never a good idea. Having a solid system and strategy in play is essential to success in sales. Read More
This article covers the proper selling attitude and why it is important. It also gives a great example of a strong salesperson with an outstanding care based selling system. Read More
A short story about the importance of attitude in sales and management and how you can learn to better self-manage your attitude and find higher levels of success. Read More
A short list of the top 10 things a sales person should never say and why. It's interesting, funny and raw. Read More
This is a short article about hoe to get moving and do the things you KNOW you need to be doing but are not doing. Read More
This article shares an intriguing personal story about a recent sales encounter gone wrong and offers advice on how to do better in the future. Read More
This post starts a discussion on how augmented reality, smartphones, and GPS enabled devices could be used to influence the future of education. Read More
What is Sales 2.o and how will it affect my business? This is a question I am sure a lot of people are asking right now. The publisher of this e-book sought out 10 of the top sales experts to help answer this question. The book is free to download no need to register or share your e-mail. Read More
Sales Management 2.0 just released a new site feature called The Lead Engine. It's a Twitter enabled CRM with integrated social media features. Designed to assist sales people from moving from "sales calls" to "social calls". Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Rachel Strella: Story of an Accidental Entrepreneur

If you had asked Rachel Strella in June 2010 what she did for a living, she would have told you she worked in … More
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