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How many requests do I receive for folks who wish to add their content to THE Canadian Personal Finance Site? This week over 10, and most weeks at least 5 of them, and 99.9% of all of them are from folks who I do not read, nor do I know of them. If I ran a corner store, and someone who I did not kn Read More
As a mental exercise I have put together a few possible queries, conundrums and concepts about what financial bloggers like myself (yes my mind has wandered off the beaten track, and I am dragging you along to show you what I found):

How many financial bloggers do you need to change a light bulb Read More
So I have managed to get back my Page Rank after a lot of work on my part (and some pleading with Google as well). Previously my rank was 4 and it is now back to 4, Read More
So the root of most of the issues Google is having with THE Canadian Personal Finance Site seems to be failing Google’s Quality Guidelines , seems to be too many links on my home page and on my site so it looks to them like I am a link farm. I feel I am not, but I also realize I do have a lot of li Read More
The other interesting thing I found out this week, is thanks to being put into Google’s Penalty Box, I got an e-mail asking me to REMOVE COMMENTS from a bunch of my articles, by a fellow blogger. I was not linking to his site(s), he left comments, however, I guess Google’s new algorithm takes into Read More
Have you at least threatened your current bank that you might leave if they don’t give you a better deal? Remember I have always said Don’t be Afraid to Make a Change, especially when it comes to your bank.

I must admit that I have not changed banks for a good long time (and given how much I hav Read More
The first thing you need to do is go back and do an inventory of what the heck you have written and that in itself is turning into a daunting task for THE Canadian Personal Finance Site, that is for sure. I am astounded by how much I have written about 6 years and even more astounded by how crapp Read More
So my experiment with Twitter continues on, I have a slowly growing readership, but I keep wondering whether Twitter is useful information dissemination or Read More
Those of you who are regular readers know that I work in the High Tech industry at a large telecommunications company, that was until Wednesday July 30th, when my position there was declared redundant and I was given a severance package. Read More
Very few people find and land new jobs simply by applying to jobs on job boards, or in newspapers. Unless you have a killer resume, which somehow slides through every screening program, you are going to find your next job through contacts, friends, former co-workers or people you meet through those Read More

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