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Look at our webinar on the importance of great communications in your business. I've consistently found that attention to communications in a business contribute positively to business growth. Read More
View this short Go To Webinar to start thinking about whether franchising is a good career alternative for you. Read More
As a professional staffing firm we interview candidates daily for position openings. I’ve written before about coaching employers on how to improve their interviewing process. Today I thought I might help job applicants learn how to improve their own interview skills by discussing how they can ma Read More
In our job placement company we interview job applicants every day. Some of the applicants are applying for specific employment while others are being interviewed so that we can place them into our talent inventory for future employment.

We consider ourselves job placement coaches for two reaso Read More
Whether you are a job applicant or hiring manager you can use best practices in the job application and job interview process – with a little attention to detail and practice. The job application and job interview process is often the most important and the most overlooked portion of the hiring pr Read More
Watch our webinar discussing the 6 reasons why baby boomers will buy a franchise. Hope you benefit from the presentation. Read More
What makes one executive leadership coaching program different than another? For that matter, how much should you invest in an executive leadership coach before you realize the benefits? Furthermore, at what point will you identify that you’ve actually benefitted from the executive leadership coa Read More
Every day that we interview employers and applicants we learn a bit more about interpersonal relationships. For instance, an employer who calls at the last possible moment to demand the hiring of an employee, and gets upset that the hiring just doesn’t happen that quickly. Or the applicant who de Read More
Maybe it’s because I see effective business teams result in outrageous performance. Or maybe it’s because I see ineffective business teams lower productivity, instill disloyalty, and increase selfish behavior. Either way, I’m persuaded, as an executive leadership coach that highly motivated busin Read More
As a staffing firm we are always on the lookout for great talent in job applicants, since great talent helps our employers be more successful. One area that we have been concerned about, however, is the future. That is, the future talent that will be required to perform employers future roles and Read More

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After a career in big business, Susan Oakes has taken the small business path. This week's BizSugar Contributor of the … More
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