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Long considered the heart of an office, traditional on-site administrative assistants are gradually on the decline as many of their functions are replaced by technology or absorbed by other team members and functions. Despite the rise of AI assistants, though, there are some things you just need a Read More
More and more companies are turning to freelancers to reap the numerous cost benefits of on-demand labor. Looking for a way to leverage this agile new workforce for your web development leads? Here are tips to help you hire a top-rated freelance web developer. Read More
It's time to ditch spreadsheets for an online freelancer contract administration solution. Say goodbye to time-consuming headaches and unnecessary risk. Read More
More businesses are hiring online and engaging remote workers around the world to get more done—so how are they doing it, and where are they finding that top-quality talent quickly and affordably? Here’s a look at three popular job posting sites to help you decide which is the best in your search f Read More
When setting up an independent contractor engagement, pay attention to new workforce policies and do the compliance work upfront. Read More
A good bookkeeper can quickly pay for themselves in their ability to help protect you from fraud, loss, fines, and compliance issues. But what’s the ROI of hiring a bookkeeper, and how much will it cost? Read More
If you have a data project--whether it's setting up a data pipeline, making sense of the data you've already collected, or something more complex--you're going to need data scientists with the right skills. In this article, we'll walk through some things you should consider before hiring a data sci Read More
If you’re prototyping a mobile app and aren't sure what to do next, here are three logical next steps to help you get your app to the next level, sooner. Read More
Whether you have an in-house data team or zero employees dedicated to analytics, your HR team can reap insights from data by starting small. Read More
Team collaboration is one of the hottest (and most competitive) spaces around. Now big tech is coming for that most venerable of office collaboration tools: the whiteboard. In this post, we'll take a quick look at three digital whiteboard options from Microsoft, Google, and HP. Read More

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