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Twitter is a fantastic tool for disseminating information to an audience in real-time. It’s absolutely no surprise that companies, celebrities, and authority figures more and more respond to the public using this medium. Because of that, media organizations are constantly citing posts on Twitter as Read More
I was recently working with a start-up that desperately needed some help getting the word out for their products and they weren’t’ showing up anywhere. Additionally, their business required that customers find them on a map. Being a start-up they didn’t have the funds to invest in some of those “pr Read More
As you redesign your marketing emails, it helps to reference some of the latest trends and ideas from fellow marketers. I recently discovered some fellow email geeks and innovators at ReallyGoodEmails.com who have curated, captured, and categorized thousands of emails for our viewing pleasure. They Read More
Have you ever wondered what technology the most innovative and successful companies are using to power their platforms, foster collaboration among their employees, or market their products and services? Read More
Sometimes web designers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers just need some basic stock photography to elevate their website or landing page. Even if you’re bootstrapping or on a tight budget, you still need to find quality eye catching graphics and photos.

Well look no further than the followi Read More
When planning upcoming marketing campaigns it helps to take a look back at your historical metrics to determine if your tactics were successful or not. If it was an email campaign, you’re naturally looking at open and click rates. If you launch a paid search ad, then click-thru-rates. Read More
Cody Ward, 29, a marketing leader, consultant, entrepreneur, blogger, and social media enthusiast living in the greater Chicago area was named to Chicago’s 1st Annual Power 30 Under 30™ list. The award was presented by the Apex Society and Porsche Cars of North America. Read More
For maybe the first time in history, there is a surplus of technology and strategy to help advance both sales and marketing of a business, while at the same time a lack of resources and understanding to utilize it to its fullest capacity. Read More
There are more than 23 million small businesses currently operating in the United States, and all of them are trying to reach through the clutter with a strong brand presence and a compelling marketing strategy. Read More
This guide exists to help you understand, build, and eventually maintain a powerful, integrated online presence. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little bit of dedication and the right resources to back you, you can accelerate your small business’s online presence to a formidable level. Read More

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