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I wanted to enforce ideas to everyone and as a result, forget about what the clients (the fish) wants. If I’m to ignore that, they are not going to listen, engage and certainly not going to care what brilliant ideas I have.
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For a change, let’s focus on creating fantastic content instead of jamming the screen space with tons of buttons. If your content is good enough, people will definitely share it through copy-pasting your URL on other sites. If not, no number of buttons will persuade them to do so.
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The same theory applies for businesses. Tell us, the consumers, what you’re selling from the start instead of being vague. Because, not everyone is going to wait around hearing whatever fluff you’re spewing and even if they do, by the time you come to the gist of it, most of them have already walke Read More
While we all dreamt of having the limitless freedom to be and do anything and everything we want, the hard truth is that we can’t and even if we could, we would be disappointed with the end result.
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With the rise of social media and the ease of availability to find the dirt on your favourite areas of interest that naturally follows suit, it is only human for us to assume that the sales of physical magazines will dwindle in the year of 2010. However, a recent report by Reuters published that th Read More
As I’m writing this article, I am quite curious on what my grandma is doing now. But have you ever wondered what would happen if your grandparents have a Facebook account?

According to a report by AllAssistedLivingHomes, Facebook has seen a surge of 1448% of senior citizens and over 55’s joining Read More
It’s probably no surprise that the consensuses are aware that more advertisers are shifting their attention from traditional media to new media to keep up with changing consumer habits. A recent study by eMarketer predicts that US advertisers will spend nearly $1.7 billion on social sites this year Read More
The smartphone is rapidly accelerating the convergence of computing and telephony and taking the phone as a converged music player, gaming device, camera, GPS navigator, web browser and wallet to another level. Read More
Today, when people want more information, they immediately turn to the Internet to retrieve what they need; whether it is for projects, news, online shopping, or even just to do price comparisons.

Edelman Digital had been analysing the amount of online chatter over twelve months about major technology brands. Read More
Facebook may be the biggest social networking site ever today but can you imagine what they would have become without their 500 million users? It’ll probably be just another social networking site left in the dumps; nothing social about that isn’t it. Read More

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