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Why does setting up operations in China give finance and human resource professionals pause? China has very complex business and tax regulations that can be utterly mind boggling for foreign businesses. Complicating the issue is the fact that regulations are subject to frequent change, as well as d Read More

Being a Nonresident Employer in Germany: Four Considerations

Being a Nonresident Employer in Germany: Four Considerations Avatar Posted by hspblog under Global
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Considering exploring the German market but not interested in making a huge commitment? In lieu of a formal presence, you may want to investigate setting up a payroll only, and operating as a nonresident employer (NRE).

NREs can be a good option for companies looking to investigate the market p Read More
Is your business delivering electronic content to consumers worldwide? The global market for digital media is booming, and products traditionally sold in tangible formats—music, books, movies—are readily available as instantaneous downloads, straight to a consumer’s device of choice.

But as com Read More
The Eiffel Tower and other tourist highlights aren’t the only things France is well known for—those who’ve done business in the country or are planning international expansion are likely also familiar with its reputation for strict employment law. Some of basic tenets of French employment law, like Read More
If expansion to China is on your mind, good news: The Chinese economy is expected to become the world’s largest by 2020. The not-so-good news is that, even if you’re interested in simply exploring the Chinese market prior to making a long-term commitment, you may need to set up a legal presence. Wh Read More
China can be a notoriously difficult place for foreign companies to do business. With strict rules for entities and complex tax regulations, just getting on the ground can be a pain in itself. But while sales may roll in to your Chinese entity, there’s an added complication foreign companies face: Read More
Bringing on a contractor may seem like a quick, easy fix to fill an immediate need, but it’s not without risk. Without proper considerations and detailed contractual agreements, you may find that, although you’ve classified your worker as a contractor, the local authorities in country have actually Read More
Whether it is your company’s first endeavor into international expansion, or it is the tenth time you have setup overseas operations, the task of determining what is required of your business in a new country can be overwhelming and time consuming. Just figuring out deadlines and researching where Read More
The old saying goes that the United Kingdom and the United States are just “two countries separated by a common language.” But it’s more than the use of the letter “u” in labo(u)r that distinguishes these two nations.

Similar to the rest of the European Union, U.K. employment law is designed to Read More
When a company is considering international expansion, there are a number details to consider: what type of entity to set up, how to hire employees, what taxes need to be filed, etc. Though the details may vary depending on country and company specific circumstances, there are three common mistakes Read More

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