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Forrester estimates that nearly 70% of organizations are either currently using SaaS solutions for their CRM or are interested in doing so. SaaS solutions exist in almost every marketing arena including digital marketing, content marketing, database marketing, and so forth. Read More
Many BtoC companies such as credit/financial service companies, consumer electronics, etc., provide customers with a broad range of products and services. Often these companies are in a position to offer other products or services within their portfolio to customers based on need and interests. Read More
While enterprise partnerships are traditionally created on a one-to-one basis, there is tremendous opportunity to be had with one-to-many relationships. More partners mean enterprises can have multiple customer acquisition campaigns running at once, an easier way to test and personalize offers, ... Read More
While enterprise partnerships are traditionally created on a one-to-one basis, there is tremendous opportunity to be had by scaling affinity partnerships across many relationships. Read More
The concept of cross-brand marketing partnerships is not a new one. Many industries, travel for instance, have capitalized on offline partnership marketing programs for decades. Read More
The marketing cloud includes a wide variety of SaaS solutions that incorporate collaboration, lead generation and management, social media, digital and search marketing, media buying, ROI optimization, personalized marketing, conversion tracking, web analytics, and much more. Read More
It’s imperative that brands reach out to customers on their channel of choice. Be it online, voice, chat, or any other platform, your customer expects you to be there when they need you. Read More
The major success component in any cross-selling campaign is relevancy. The right offer at the right time to the right customer. Therefore, it’s important that you keep in mind that cross-selling doesn’t just have to be about upselling your own products; for instance, a cable provider might try ... Read More
Here are some of the blog posts for marketers and contact center executives that we’ve recently found interesting. Hopefully you’ll get something out of them too! Read More
Even with the rise of online customer service channels, contact centers still handle a growing number of the more complex customer sales and service interactions today. And with the growing volume of calls driven by mobile adoption, new and innovative marketing programs are emerging such as ... Read More

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