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Our “Mobile Email Opens Q4 2010 Report” features valuable data on the percentage of mobile email opens by device across 12 industry segments, including retail, hospitality, telecommunications, and healthcare and others. Data is based on a sampling of approximately 155.3 million emails sent between Read More
It’s finally here. After years of speculation, Verizon announced yesterday that the iPhone 4 will be coming to the network in February.
So, what does this mean for marketers and mobile strategy? Read More
As I mentioned previously, I’m using discussions with customers, prospects, partners and peers, and my own research and analysis to help compile this list. Now let’s continue and get into the next batch of trends to watch for this year: Read More
With this in mind, you’re missing a great opportunity when you settle for the basic, pre-programmed messages for your emails, especially for your auto-responders. Even an order confirmation is still a communication that should be a pleasure to read. You can do better than basic. Read More
Anyone looking at solutions that are deficient in one or more of these areas is setting their programs up for inevitable self-limitation. Here are some key questions that deserve to be asked and answered by anyone looking at mobile for their brand. (I’ve also included some suggestions for why these Read More
These are 11 areas of addressable interactive marketing that I will be monitoring, in which I will be expanding my knowledge, and creating strategic plans for in the coming year. These 11 trends are essentially my crib notes for 2011. And if you think I’m wrong, remember these are not predictions, Read More
Mobile sites for retailers are almost essential at this point. It’s just good customer service, especially during the holidays. A mobile site and/or an app, saves me (your customer) time and it saves me (your customer) from visiting your competitor instead. Read More
When we initially talk about the role of mobile for a brand, trouble looms when early thoughts focus on only one thing – pushing the brand. With few exceptions, if all the concentration is on branded push, the mobile opportunity is missed. Success becomes a perpetually dangled carrot that is always Read More
When considering onsite targeting, some advice:

One Size Does Not Fit All: Avoid trying to “boil the ocean” when planning for Web site personalization. Instead, look for simple, powerful tools that streamline personalization and targeting efforts while capturing and storing both known attributes Read More
This week, Knotice was recognized as the fastest growing company in Akron, ranking #8 in northeast Ohio at the Weatherhead 100 Awards. The Weatherhead 100 showcases the 100 fastest growing companies in the region. We are honored to again be included on this prestigious list for the second year in a Read More

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