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In my last post, we discussed why page load times are so important. In this post we discuss how to improve them and make them faster. To make the process simple, let’s break it into three steps: Audit, Address, and Repeat Read More
An error page or a slow-loading page can feel like a locked door at the store. It can also feel like a long check-out line. With the web now being a sometimes a first, if not the only, exposure to your business, you want that impression to be easy and meet the average users’ expectations. Read More
According to the case study entitled “Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer,” Oreck was able to “unify data and connect the digital dots,” improve the customer experience, shorten lead-to-close cycles, and decrease abandoned shopping carts. They also sa Read More
n a previous post on more complicated HTML table builds, I looked at a wide variety of HTML elements. This time, I’ll look at how CSS is incorporated into HTML table design.
When building web pages, CSS is usually included in head of an HTML document and broken out into style blocks. This separate Read More
One of my favorite parts of attending thought leadership industry events like Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 is all the great trivia and insights you get to bring home with you. Here are a few of my favorite factoids from the event Read More
It’s clear that tablet adoption is steadily on the rise. While industry research most often focuses on the speedy adoption of smart phones, a recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research predicts that 40% of mobile phone owners will also have a tablet by 2016.

From our own research, we have seen Read More
With nearly half of all phones in US smartphones, the importance for mobile optimized email has never been higher.

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest Mobile Email Opens report for the second half of 2011. The report is based on a sampling of 974 million emails sent across 11 ind Read More
No other channel has had to distinguish so distinctly between function and design as mobile. Given its small screens, immediate user needs, and some of the unique sensor and computational capabilities that mobility brings to bear, site functionality can drive the perception amplification of design Read More
In the coming months, it’s the data that will make the difference, especially when it’s applied to marketing activity across channels. While enterprise-sized corporations wrestle with internal issues and long-held channel-specific messaging strategies, the nimble mid-sized marketers instead can swi Read More
Marketers have evolved into messaging architects. We create the foundation for the brand, building its image message by message, brick by brick, via email, mobile, social, website content and display advertising. Just as the introduction of steel girders brought about the era of the skyscraper, ali Read More

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People Don't Care That You Sell Their Data

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