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I've been reading the 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Green recently... Gotta say it's an awesome book. I highly recommend it. One law in particular caught my attention in regard to email. Read More
What's the one thing that ALL soap opera series have in common? It doesn't matter which one you actually pick. No, it's not the cheesy plots that most seem to have. Read More
Personally I'm a big football fanatic. I'm talking about real football, or as the Americans like to call it - "soccer". Read More
To understand how to increase the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google, you must first understand how the system works. Google ranks websites according to a proprietary algorithm that weighs various factors before ordering them by relevance. Knowing what these factors are wil Read More
I've subscribed to a lot of marketers lists in my day. But I've got to be honest. Very few of them have I actually paid attention to. Read More
One thing that really frustrates me is having to ring big companies. I'm talking about companies like banks, insurance agencies, utilities and government departments etc Read More
I had a real "aha" moment over the weekend. Have you ever noticed how most of the email marketing providers provide tips on how to minimise unsubscribes? Read More
If you have an iPhone, you will probably relate to this email. Last week I became aware that Apple had released their new IOS 7 software update for iPhones. Read More
Recently I finished reading Neil Strauss's fascinating book, "The Game". This is a story about a shy, introverted writer who decides to pay to learn from a group of PUA's (pick up artists). Read More
Unfortunately, you see it a lot.... An inexperienced online Marketer creates a new information product. And they are convinced their product is going to sell like hotcakes Read More

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