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Another subscriber question... What's the most important part of writing a great email that gets clicks?Some may say it's making the email interesting. Read More
I'm a big believer in focus. It wasn't until I started to laser focus on direct response copywriting that I started to see crackerjack results. Read More
When it comes to price, it's common to try to compete by being the lowest. True... you might attract a few more customers. But you'll slash your profits and attract the cheap skates in the process. Read More
Ever wonder how McDonald's came to be the market leader in fast food? It was 1954 when Ray Kroc partnered up with the McDonald brothers. Read More
Despite what most people believe... your copy is NOT the most crucial aspect of a sales funnel. The common thought is that if a marketing campaign fails, it is the fault of the copywriter. Read More
These were the words of Henry Ford. Describing his new Model T automobile.You see...up until 1908, the average American could not afford to buy a motor car. Read More
Yes it's true... Despite what a lot of people think... You've gotta speak your mind when sending out emails. And not be shy to offend or upset people. Read More
I re-watched the entire Star Wars series again the other day. And the one thing that had the biggest impact on me was the Sith Lord. The dark side of the Force. Read More
One of the most neglected but vital aspects of an online business is congruent marketing. In internet marketing congruency relates to keeping your sales funnels flowing with the same type of message, images, colors and designs. Read More
Writing emails for clients can pose it challenges. At times it can drive you nutz.. But one thing that frustrates me is the people who think writing emails is just that... writing. Read More

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BizSugar "Contributor" Found Partner Online

Meet our most recent BizSugar "Contributor of the Week" on Facebook Jim Armstrong of Get Busy Media. Jim not only runs … More
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