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There’s one element that is crucial to maximising response, but is often overlooked.

And sometimes it can be the key reason why an email or sales letter bombs. Read More
If you want to be able to sell more of your products/services and influence your prospects, then start thinking the way Jack Reacher does. Read More
If you put yourself into the shoes of a consumer, there are few things more frustrating than this:

Just imagine walking into a hardware shop and buying a hammer packaged up in plastic. Read More
If there’s one thing that everybody hates about online marketing it’s this:

Spammers who blast out millions of promotional messages to as many people as they can. Read More
Let’s talk about one of the worst traits of an amateur copywriter?

It’s something that repels sales like a guy with bad breath chatting up women. Read More
Here’s something a bit off the wall, but highly effective.

If you’d like your business to bring in more customers and increase your market share, then consider knocking yourself off.

What do I mean by this? Read More
Here’s a sneaky trick that I recommend you avoid.

It’s designed to give the impression that the email is not automated. And basically sent to you only.

So what’s is it? Read More
Picture a large, healthy gum tree.

It’s got long branches with plenty of leaves blowing around in the wind. But many years ago it was just a seed planted in the ground. And over a long period of time the environment provided it with sufficient water and sunlight to keep it growing…
Read More
ere’s some entertainment to brighten up your day:

There’s a scene in the 1999 movie, “Fight Club”, where the narrator (played by Ed Norton) has just arrived home after a plane flight to realize his apartment has burnt down. Not knowing what to do next, he decided to ring the guy he ‘d just met o Read More
I received this question from a subscriber last week…

“My open rates are really low and I’m getting frustrated because I’m going to all this effort to write emails but hardly anyone is reading them. What can I do to improve this?” Read More

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