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For decades, law firm branding in the United States was simple: take the last names of the key equity partners, pick a font, and you have a name, logo and a brand. Such simplicity has one very important drawback – it’s ineffective. Here's what law firms should do instead.

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Instead of paying large sums of money to buy an old domain, smart marketers can identify new TLDs to build a more cohesive brand identity. Here's what you should know. Read More
Launching a crowdfunding campaign for your latest, greatest idea is hard work. In the early days of internet crowdfunding, it might have been a bit easier. Great design can help you to market better and to raise more funds through crowdfunding. Read More
In other words, a large majority of people who visit your site for the first time leave quickly, without some form of the desired action. And that is why some many companies have turned to remarketing. You can improve your remarketing efforts with great design. Read More
The 2016 Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report offers important branding lessons for startups and small business. Here are 7 key take-aways from the BrandZ 2016 report (and the important lessons for small businesses and startups). Read More
You’ve got a solid marketing team. You’re working with talented designers. So why aren’t your campaigns yielding the results you want? The answer might be that traditional planning models in our field tend to quash creativity. Read More
We often say that good design helps your business stand out. This is backed by research that has proven the influence that visual appearance has on the decision-making process of customers. Here's a terrific post about how you can improve design and help your marketing campaigns succeed. Read More
Marketers know that when done correctly, content marketing can be a valuable marketing channel. If done improperly, marketers can violate copyright law and expose themselves, their employers, and their clients to legal risk, money damages and embarrassment. Read More
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month once more, and brands, once more, are getting it all wrong. On the surface, this is a worthy cause. But this is also an example of a drive for a cause that’s gone awry. Despite stated good intentions, the execution of the efforts is less than inspiring. Read More
Text messages boast a 98% open rate, while email, on average, gets a mere 20% open rate… if you’re lucky. But despite this and the relatively low cost of SMS marketing, it’s still a largely untapped marketing resource. Read More

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