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The Internet Archive provides a cool tool called the Wayback Machine. In this video see how I recovered "broken" blog post images and re-uploaded them to my WordPress blog. This is perfect for images that were hosted on another site that is no longer online. Read More
This is a guest post from Stephen Moyers:
Every type of copy on the internet has its own sub set of rules (website copy is different than a landing page, for example). But we’re going to focus on some basic principles that can be applied across all formats. Read More
You can teach a course on Udemy! You can create a video training course and once it’s approved, your course will be available for sale across a network of over 6 million registered students and promoted in the Udemy Marketplace.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Udemy or if you missed the Read More
I'm honored to appear on this list with my peers and blogging mentors! Here's a snippet from the post:
Blogging is not all about writing articles and sharing on social media. Being a blogger, you have to concentrate on many things that can help you to unlock the success door.
Read More
You started a podcast but you noticed that your media host requires smaller files for your show! Here's the solution - convert those huge .wav files down to an .mp3 file without losing any quality. You can do this conversion directly inside of your iTunes music player and save time, money and space Read More
Bloggers and content marketers are starting to pay a lot of attention to a fabulous content development tool called Buzzsumo. And with good reason! Buzzsumo is a content development and research tool that is worthy of praise. Read More
TrenDemon and is a marketing tool that does many things for you and your blog (or website). You are not limited to only using TrenDemon with WordPress. One of the key benefits that TrenDemon promises is that it maximizes the interaction of content on your site. If you include external content items Read More
Pablo is an online image editing tool from Buffer that makes adding images to Tweet a breeze. This video shows you how to:
Choose quotes to overlay onto images
Change the size of the font
Edit the style and color of the font
Upload your own image
Add your watermark or signature to your image
Read More
PostPlanner is a Facebook scheduling tool like no other. It works from inside the Facebook interface and helps keep your accounts active. In this video I share the unique benefits offered that will help you with content generation ideas not only for Facebook but for other platforms including Pinter Read More
The best plugins work seamlessly with payment processing options, integrate with other WordPress plugins, provide in-depth reporting feature, and offer security for both you and your customers. Read More

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