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Every good online marketer knows that content is key to the success of websites. You may have already heard the term ?content is king? which was in use years before the internet made it?s first appearance. It was used by the print industry and is now something that both SEO practitioners and web marketers use to communicate the importance of content. But before you can commit to the investment of creating and adding good content you need to find out the answers to two very important questions. Why is content so important for any website? Why is it that decades down the line, it?s still content that is at the centre of good marketing? The Foundation of Customer Loyalty Businesses don?t get established by first-time visitors. Big brands such as The Financial Times don?t make most of their income from people who pick up their papers for the very first time. They are making their money from people who have already tried their content and discovered that they liked it enough to either buy it again or to sign up to a subscription. If they had to find a new customer every time they wanted to generate income, they wouldn?t have lasted long enough to establish themselves like they have. Surprisingly, many website owners try to operate in this way. They try to bring in new clients and website visitors as opposed to focusing on their existing customers for repeat business. The truth is, successful websites such as The Huffington

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