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The power of social media has changed the way that we market.

Do you think a business can survive without social media?

Are you strategically planning your content releases?

Could you be doing more to develop that saint-like following? A following that will drive your business forward…

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15 ways bloggers make money blogging

15 ways bloggers make money blogging Avatar Posted by uttoransen under Online Marketing
From http://enstinemuki.com 168 days ago
Made Hot by: ObjectOriented on November 1, 2013 2:47 pm
As a blogger, there are several ways you can make money blogging. Let me first of all underline here that as time goes on, new money making opportunities are popping up from every corner. However, there are standard ways to make money as a blogger. Read More
Copywriting refers to writing copy that has the sole purpose of advertising or marketing a product, service, person or business.

Sales pages, email marketing materials, product pages, flyers and printed ads are all types of copywriting and they all have that one single goal in common – to sell, Read More

24 Tips For Creating Newsletters That Convert

24 Tips For Creating Newsletters That Convert Avatar Posted by uttoransen under Online Marketing
From http://www.guestcrew.com 179 days ago
Made Hot by: tiroberts on October 22, 2013 12:18 pm
But how do you build that trust and loyalty through a simple newsletter?

Is it even possible?

Sure, it is! Assuming you follow the bits of advice we’ve given you so far.

And to make it easier, we’re going to give you 24 more tips on how you, too, can create a newsletter that converts subsc Read More
Google has made local business listings very confusing for small businesses. Anyone who has a physical address and phone number they can use should have local listings.

Local listings are among the strongest and easiest to obtain of all incoming links. They make your business easier to find and Read More
In this article, we’re going out outline 31 of the most commonly used buzzwords that you’re most likely to hear and see online, what they mean and give you some examples of what they look like when used in proper context. So here they are – in no particular order. Read More
If you've ever wondered how to repair yourself and your business interests after Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin ripped apart your overly optimized content, listen carefully. Then act quickly as reconsideration may take some time. Read More
There is a saying going around.

“Content is king.”

Good content that’s well-written, solves a problem for a reader, answers questions and/or provides tangible advice will not only sell your product and services.

That’s how good content sells.

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The effectiveness of some of these means of blog promotion have been proven,so it is advisable you stick to whichever means that works best for you blogging communities

So without wasting much of your time,let me quickly introduce you to these top 5 Blogging Communities to help you promote your Read More

Don't Let Marketing Roadblocks Derail Your Progress

Don't Let Marketing Roadblocks Derail Your Progress Avatar Posted by uttoransen under Strategy
From http://www.localbusinesscoachonline.com 191 days ago
Made Hot by: zioncampo on October 9, 2013 6:47 pm
Entrepreneurs stay the course until a product, service, or network marketing approach gives them an acceptable return on their elbow grease or monetary investment Read More

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