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Even a team that has just won the Super Bowl, has to continue to use marketing automation to engage, nurture and connect with fans. Read More
What if your IP address is actually derailing your email marketing efforts? If you go to all the work of having an engaged database and a loyal following, you can’t forget about your online sending reputation. Read More
Download our free whitepaper that will explain everything you need to know about our 360 customer flow communication platform. Read More
When it comes to dominating the market as a real estate agent, it is all about becoming more efficient at marketing, leasing and selling properties. Read More
Does your company need marketing automation? Check out our infographic to help you decide! SimplyCast is a customer flow communication solution. Read More

Take The Stress Out of Snow Days With Marketing Automation

Take The Stress Out of Snow Days With Marketing Automation Avatar Posted by simplycastguy under Online Marketing
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How automated marketing software can be turned into a simple alert system for snow days. It sure kept the SimplyCast team in the loop. Read More, a global leader in multi-channel marketing Platform-as-a-Service solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a new website to establish the creation of a new industry niche – customer flow communication.

Customer flow communication is a newly formed category that inherently com Read More
Boost customer satisfaction with holiday shopping and shipping date reminders. Holiday marketing is easily organized with an all-in-one marketing solution. Read More
Ready to dominate voice broadcasting? Want to but not sure what it really involves? We have published The Definitive Guide To Voice Broadcasting to help. Read More
For those just starting out with email marketing, it can seem like you are floating in space without any direction or guidance. We understand.

While simple in concept, there is a lot to email marketing that makes it one of the best alternatives for organizations of all sizes to reach out to, eng Read More

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