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Few subjects are as plagued by falsehoods as starting a small business. Everywhere you turn, someone is making sweeping proclamations about small businesses – the difficulty of starting one, the risks involved or what you “have to do” in order to make it. Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself against business dogma, Business Pundit debunked 12 myths about running a business. Read More
Combining ambitious goals with a just-do-it culture of employee empowerment is the key to fueling innovation, a group of Google employees said at their session at South by Southwest. Also important: shielding workers from distractions. Read More
Most times a small-business owner who is looking for support and financing needs to look no further than the local neighborhood. Here are six local sources of everything from training to help in securing local government contracts and also sources of loans for small companies. Read More
Cash flow can be a crucial issue for small businesses: until your clients pay you, you may not be able to turn around and pay your own bills. That can make improving your cash flow a priority. But what are effective ways to go about speeding up the turnaround for your clients? Read More
Networking events form a huge part of business and every individual in business should be able to make the most out of networking events that they attend. However, not everyone is a people magnet. If you are trying to rock during your next event, here are five steps you can implement and build upon. Read More

Consumers Flocking to Virtual Shopping More Than Ever [PIC]

Consumers Flocking to Virtual Shopping More Than Ever [PIC] Avatar Posted by WayneLiew under News
From http://www.fastcompany.com 1839 days ago
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It's been the retailing story for years--and new research says it still is! Yes, online sales continue to soar, recession be damned. We were all probably at least vaguely aware of this phenomenon but to see it in such stark numbers astounds anew. Perhaps the most eye-opening figure of all is the average amount that an Internet shopper spent last year: $1,006.50. Read More
If you run an ecommerce business, chances are your customers – regardless of their age, gender or economic status – are active on social networks and social media sharing sites. Leverage these five social media marketing tips for ecommerce to either get started with more social digital marketing or take your current social strategy to the next level. Read More
PR can be a touchy subject – especially if you’re an outsourced PR company and not an employee within the company wanting publicity. In either case, here are four mistakes that you’ll never want to make when working in PR. Read More
The times of having the most money will get your business the most publicity are long gone. Most small businesses have modest marketing budgets, which means you have to make every dollar count. Here are 5 ways to get big results from a small budget. Read More
With all the work that small business owners already have, the ever changing world of social media can be overwhelming, not to mention the amount of work needed to keep up with planned social media strategies. Here's a blog post on how to keep your social media activity under control. Read More

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