Gallup Inc. released a report this week titled The Myth of Social Media. There they found,

“Social media are not the powerful and persuasive marketing force many companies hoped they would be.”

But that’s not the whole story. The Wall Street Journal agrees, stating brands who understand soci Read More
Social Media is one of the best content marketing tools available. Check out this insanely simple 3 step method that generates THOUSANDS of clicks! Read More
I try to keep this blog about business, entrepreneurship, and content marketing.

However as a result of my 500 Ways To Make Money Online, I’ve attracted a sizable following of people who want to learn how to make money online (MMO).

These people look to me for advice, and as a result I occasi Read More
Especially for a startup or small business enterprise, happiness really can be the critical difference that makes the pursuit pay off, and builds a brand name with staying power. Here are six real-world tips focusing on both employees and customers to help you put happiness to work. Read More
These technological innovations will not only change the way agents take calls and the way contact centers measure success, they will ultimately have a profound effect on the customer experience. Read More
There is nothing more important for a contact center or any business than providing good quality service. Answer the questions for the skills that needs evaluation for customer service. Read More
The best and the worst cash-flow lesson I learned wasn’t during my two years of business school. The lesson came when my company’s product took off. Monthly sales quadrupled over a few short months. And while everyone at my company was celebrating, the enterprise nearly went broke. Read More
Watson, the artificially intelligent supercomputer developed by IBM, is helping companies uncover their Big Data secrets. How could it help your company? Read More
Since this is the first market research weekly round-up we’ve ever made, it’s only fitting we cover articles about its history and content that tackles the newest fad! Who knew market research was present in the 1920s? Check out the articles that caught our attention. Read More
From musicians acting like Jesus to dissatisfied customers; Last week was an entertaining week for the Customer Service industry. It helps too when Kanye West stirs up another controversy to up the fun and novelty. Here’s the juice on last week’s #custserv round-up. Read More

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