Watch this 1/2 hour Interview With author Steve Schiffman on Selling Services. Steve is a corporate sales trainer who has written well over 50 books. Read More
Writing content on a regular basis is one way of leveraging your blog, but there are a few other key strategies that have nothing to do with writing content that can have epic impact on your blog.

In this post, I’ll share them and show you how to implement them. Read More
You may be familiar with Pauline Cabrera from her popular blog TwelveSkip. At TwelveSkip Pauline covers a variety of topics related to blogging, online business, and web design. She’s also a very active social media user with over 50,000 combined followers on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pintere Read More
By using the right photographic techniques and applying your own creativity, you can further enhance those memories and you have a great possibility to convert those group photos into great masterpieces. Read More
Employee benefits A workforce happy and committed is a workforce with a high level of performance, which ultimately is what need every business to be successful and success in a highly competitive... Read More
It has never happened before. It has taken centuries (in fact, millennia) for today’s extraordinary situation to occur in the workplace. There are now no fewer than four identifiably different generations employed in enterprises and organizations around the world. Read More
When a potential project comes through the door it’s easy to get excited and throw yourself straight into a proposal. You think how much you need this job, how the bills are stacking up and how this will be the last client to ever contact you.

The problem with this initial frenzy is that you’re Read More
Leads are an essential part of your business. The better able your sales team is to manage the leads that come into your sales funnel, the more you’ll see them convert into sales. Read More
Are you spending several sleepless nights trying to make your eCommerce products look interesting? Are they simply laying in your online stock without evoking any interests to the online shoppers? Read More
Social media has turned out to be the game changer in today's marketing world. So, all businesses are using it on a regular basis. So, it is important to follow a few steps to help your business stand apart in the crowded social media platforms. Read More

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