Nobody wants to be dubbed as a spammer, because it sucks to be a spammer and it makes you feel bad. But the only problem is that you can still be deemed as a social media spammer even when you are not aware of it all. Social media spammer does not necessarily be a guy with a fake profile, and who i Read More
What is your effect on the people you lead?  Do you leave them better of or are they relieved when you leave.  Asking the question about the net effect of your Leadership and Management is Shawn Murphy from Switch and Shift, guest posting on the Leadership Connexion this week. I recall reading rece Read More
There's an ongoing crisis in small business, and it looks like this: Not enough business = not enough money for marketing AND Not enough money for marketing Read More
The annoying "Go Compare" and "Compare the Market" campaigns both do the job of building brand awareness and recall, so when I go to buy insurance or they are top of mind. This is powerful. In the cluttered world we live in, making sure you are remembered and being considered is about as much as yo Read More
Getting bogged down in your business can feel a lot like trying to move a car that’s gotten stuck in the mud. There’s a lot of rockin’ going on, but it’s just not rolling anywhere.

That’s how I feel when I get in over my head as a solo entrepreneur, and have loaded too much on my plate.

Have Read More
To improve your open rates you need to be open to communicating with your affiliates. Getting feedback from publishers will allow you to understand what they want and engage with them more. This increased engagement should lead to more people opening your emails. You can then tailor your newsletter Read More
We all need to measure ROI we've listed 10 metrics for busy SMEs to monitor without adding hours to their workload or taking their eye off the ball . Read More
This article looks at how even without dedicating time to networking, your cloud CRM solution is there to help build up and benefit from a rich database of connections. Read More
Do you know how much time you spend on your business being ‘in motion’ instead of ‘in action’?

Are you aware of the difference?

Motion keeps you busy.

Action creates momentum and the results you want. Read More
Lucy Masterson is a renowned marketing consultant who gave up her job to ensure that many other Irish people find employment. She founded Hireland at the kitchen table with Michael Killeen of Dialogue Marketing. Read More

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While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

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