So you have a Facebook page, and you’d like to build your audience. We get it! At Zopim, we were in the exact same position in 2009 when we launched our page. Before we did, though, we had to start with a basic question:

What’s the point of having a Facebook Page? Read More
Facebook Page Reach is down, is it time to stop using Facebook for your business? Find out if Facebook is the next Myspace or if it's still a valuable option. Read More
Intellectual property (IP) needs to be identified before it can be protected but that is not where it stops for crowdfunding. Before launching a crowdfunding campaign or any financing presentation, do your research and look out for others’ IP. The last thing that you wish to do is labor over a camp Read More
Discover your current and/or potential customers by looking internally and at the competition. Who would be interested in your product/service/invention? What similar items are on the market and who’s purchasing them? On the flip side, what markets have the competitors possibly overlooked? Read More
Social marketing company Wishpond took an interesting approach in analyzing successful Facebook pages, comparing their character traits to those of humans in an infographic.

Wishpond says successful pages must be visually oriented, considerate, demanding, & extroverted. Readers: Anything to add? Read More
How would you like to send your future self an email and receive it in the future? This article will introduce you to some sites where you can send your future self an email and receive it some time in the future. You can find several uses for this service, you could use it to send yourself emails Read More
Let's be honest, tablets are great devices, but they can't really handle the heavy load that's often required in a professional environment. Sure you can fling upset fowl toward pigs and crumbling towers, but when you're not playing games the realities of running a business require desktop or Ultra Read More
In this article, I’m going to point out why in 2014 you shouldn’t be shopping for a used business phone system when there are much more cost effective and functional solutions available.
Read More
Forging connections with everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Barack Obama, All Access Group LLC CEO Kelli Richards shares her knowledge on how to leverage contacts to successfully network and foster relationships. Read More
Why Accounting in the Cloud? Business owners and managers need to keep close control of their financial data.  They need to know where they stand at all times, and having information available to make business decisions is essential.  When the financial information is in the office but the owner is Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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