Discover Why Selling Matters for Hotels. Learn why your Hotel has the wrong approach to Social Selling, and how to fix it. Read More
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These days, many people say they are “suffering with stress”. But stress does not necessarily mean inevitable suffering.

The same pressure may trigger a positive or a negative response depending on how the individual perceives the stress and how they respond to the stressor.

To a degree, yo Read More
If you needed proof that selfies have taken over the social media, here's an infographic from the team of unmetric unveils how brands using slefies-contest in their marketing strategy. Read More
Choosing an effective salesperson has little to do with how much he made in a previous position. Translating his or her success to your business depends on who he sold, how he sold, and what he sold. If those three factors match your sales profile, then prior successes are worth considering. Read More
Rather than spending time trying to figure out the best time to prospect, work on the quality of your message, ability to handle objections, and other real issues. You wanna know the best time, given all the tools available, it's now. Read More
Content marketing is far from dead. But over the past three years the strategies for success have significantly changed. Can small businesses compete? Read More
No matter what industry or market you’re in, it’s important to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in your niche around the globe. These days, news and information comes to us in so many ways… Sometimes I find that overwhelming and I like to cut to the chase. If I want news fast, I’ll head to Twi Read More
A new M&A report was issued last week from the International Business Broker Association (IBBA), Pepperdine Private Capital Market Project and M&A Source highlighting the latest US activity. Thanks to Rose Stabler for the heads up. Read More

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