Today’s Good Morning Sunday post lets look at what Arianna Huffington the co founder of Huffington post has to say about success. What makes her tick ? Read More
A solid content curation strategy helps turn a basic marketing campaign into a social movement. Read More
Google will be soon detaching “Photos” service from Google+ and will make it autonomous. Probably the best and most probably, the most used feature of Google+ is the Photos. Now it is going to gain some freedom, meaning users will not necessarily need a Google+ account to use Photos. Read More
This is one of my very first blog posts on my brand new blog about internet marketing. I feel like it sets the tone and "personality" of my blog. I am trying to "pay it forward" as I learn the ropes of this industry myself! Hopefully, I will be creating a welcoming, learning environment for newbies Read More
There's a lot of angst among small business owners over negative reviews, but take solace in the idea it's not the end of the world. Respond and be helpful and move on - it's more important to think about future readers in responding to a review than it is to think about the original review writer. Read More
Too many entrepreneurs tell me they are looking for an investor, and can’t differentiate between venture capital (VC) investors versus accredited Angel investors. They argue that the color of the money is the same from either source. They fail to realize that the considerations are quite different Read More
I understand that disabling the Twitter login option could make it a bit harder for new users to get their accounts. But I want to keep the quality of the site high and I won’t compromise on that. Read More
My online buddy Bill Davis has put together a step-by-step guide for getting started with your own blog. Here’s my review.
Read More
If you haven’t heard of Costa Mesa, California, don’t feel like you’re in the dark. Surrounded by better- known cities such as Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa might be best known for its luxury shopping mall, South Coast Plaza, or as the headquarters of major sporting goods and cloth Read More
A G.E.M. report indicates that female business owners may experience higher on the job satisfaction that their male counterparts. Read More

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