The Big DiF evening, held by our own Innovation Factory is tomorrow night…and as my Outlook notice popped up today to remind me of that event – it got me thinking…

As you may know, the Innovation Factory has a big annual celebration of innovation here in Hamilton, called “The Big DiF” event an Read More
Guest blogs are a powerful way to build links and tap into existing audiences of your target market. As a guest blogger or as a website editor, it is important that you act properly when working with others on this strategy. Here are some guest blogging etiquette tips to get you started. Read More
Go Girl Scouts!

Girl Scout troops have been some of the nation's best lobbyists, fighting off so many tax writers that, today, just two states—Idaho and Hawaii—try to take a bite out of their cookie sales. Read More
Check out 2013's latest hiring and compensation trends. Small business wage growth is outdoing larger companies, but all are worried about employee retention. Read More
The workflow for CallRail works on two levels: external and internal. In the external workflow, visitors to your website are dynamically assigned a phone number (from a pool of pre-configured numbers) when they visit your website. If the visitor calls your business, the phone number (assigned to th Read More
What happens if our efforts to solve a problem aren’t producing innovative results? The thought might occur to us, “How do I go about thinking differently?” Despite trying to think differently, we typically end up with little to show for our efforts. Read More
This post can help you to increase your conversion rates if you are an ecommerce store and also help Affiliates to drive more clicks to their Merchants which can help to increase your sales. Read More
Marketing Your Web Video is Like Ordering Hot Coffee. You think you know what you're asking for, but then ... Read More
One thing is preventing you from reaching great and fast results.
One thing that no one told you, and probably no one will ever tell you.

This thing alone will make the difference in the long term... Read More
Being a solopreneur allows you enjoy freedom at the expense of the so-called safety net. Are you up to the challenge of going solo? Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

Diane Seltzer @SBMarketingTool Talks Marketing Impact

Diane Seltzer believes you don’t have to be a big business to make a big impact. With that philosophy in mind, … More
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