Push is important, it's the obligation of sales people--but it must be correctly focused. It has to be about the customer. It has to be focused on them and what they can achieve. It's the obligation of the sales person to help their customers think differently about their businesses, to discover ne Read More
3 techniques for determining if your idea is crazy or not, and whether or not it's one worth pursuing. Read More
New York City-based Lucky Ant launched Jan. 2, hoping to link small businesses with their neighborhoods (and, of course, make some money in the process). In exchange for funding for improvement projects at local businesses—the site will feature one per week—users receive loyalty rewards and other p Read More
As people try to reduce their overloaded email inbox, they unsubscribe from email marketing and e-newsletters. Don't let your e-newsletter suffer this fate. Read More
Watch Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Social Media talk about How To Share Online. Dave's tips will help you extend your influence online. Read More
The first step to starting or managing a business is understanding your competition. It is imperative to understand that there are two kinds of competitors: direct and indirect. Here are some tips to keep you ahead! Read More
Here is an original idea for small business in food niche. Not a get rich quick thing - be ready for serious commitment if you think to start such one. Read More
The main purpose of a website is to increase profit rates of the company. Sometimes, a site receives huge traffic. Unfortunately, this traffic does not convert into paying clients, thus affecting business goals of the company. The best way to deal with this situation is to evaluate the site and imp Read More
With its new Spark offering, Marketo has taken aim at marketing automation competitors in the small business space, among them Pardot.

How do Marketo Spark and Pardot compare?
Read More
Getting great PR for your small business startup in the media, on social media websites and blogs is crucial to driving enough business to keep you afloat. There are a range of skills and techniques you must learn in order to use your marketing and PR resources with maximum efficiency. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Shane Gibson @ShaneGibson Takes Social Marketing to a Global Audience

If you have any doubts about the power of social media as a global marketing tool, just talk to Shane Gibson. As … More
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