Is your marketing agency planning to pitch tablet marketing strategies to your clients in 2014? On-location tablet marketing is a huge coming trend that forward-thinking agencies are already planning creative marketing tactics around. Read More
About 20 months ago or so, I received launch notices about a great new program sponsored by Google, the Royal Bank, Yola and our own CIRA that would enable SMB owners to get a brand new free website for their online businesses. This I thought would be a good thing as I know that simply put you need Read More
Without a way to easily collect funds from customers, businesses have no way to grow. Because of this, payments and billing are considered to be at the heart of every small business. PaySimple is a thoughtfully designed platform that companies can use to accept payments, streamline their billing pr Read More
Social media is your workhorse when it comes to content marketing. It's what will make sure your blog posts don't sink into oblivion hours after they are written. Read More
Twitter announced recently that anyone can send direct messages to anyone, regardless of whether they're following the user. Here's what you should know. Read More
Content creation is the marketing strategy of the times, allowing businesses to reach an audience through the haze of repetitive sales material. If you are blogging, make sure that you are reaping all the benefits of the content you create by hosting your articles on your own website. It's your con Read More

Perhaps you're wondering why only 16% of your followers (audience) on face book see your post?

Are you looking for a way to remedy the situation?

Could this be the best teaser to siphon back your facebook fans and convert them into loyal audience? Read More
The Japanese are considered to be among the politest of peoples, and that is particularly true when it comes to business communication. Japan has precise and sophisticated hierarchical systems, complete with a special language of politeness, which includes speech patterns, nonverbal cues and even w Read More
The emotional stress associated with unemployment is understood only by those who are unemployed. Often, even people closely associated with the unemployed such as spouses or other family members don’t fathom the emotional pressure and pain that settles in on those without sources of income and pla Read More
Facebook rolled out clickable hashtags several months ago. Are they a flat out failure or something you should explore? You decide. Read More

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