Sales Bloggers Union looks at engaging customers one note at a time. Read More
Engaging a customer is a lot like engaging a new piece of music, the note are familiar, but it is different every time it is played. Read More
In order to stay successful in your business career, you must be well oriented with your marketing plan. Marketers should always consider the relationship established before anything else. You should not limit yourself to just selling something to the people, this should just be the end result, but the primary objective should be to set the relatio Read More
Facebook status update: What's on your mind — —“Social media is currently the wave of the future, and it's surging through the business and e-business world like a rogue tidal wave.” Since social media, such as Facebook and MySpace (social networking sites that allow users to post personalized, online profiles), arrived on the scene about five y Read More
One aspect of the American dream seems to be to have the opportunity to work for yourself. This is particularly true today when your options for being your own boss include everything from starting a business to being a work-at-home-Mom to launching a creative career as a solopreneur or innerpreneur. But what do you do if you don't have any money Read More
The Receivables Exchange provides an eBay-like online auction marketplace for buying and selling commercial receivables. This puts businesses (Sellers) in control of their financing, letting them sell their invoices on their terms, without personal guarantees or all-asset liens. Companies can sell single or multiple receivables. Read More
Here are marketing basics for small business from The article includes methods for growing your business and then a look at how small business and large business marketing differ. Marketing guide Laura Lake takes a look at how to get started with your small business marketing then also provides additional related posts. If you have a sm Read More
Though starting an online business may seem like the perfect home based business opportunity, be aware of some of the pitfalls awaiting the Internet entrepreneur. This post on the Biznez Blog looks at some of the worst problems that may stand in the way of becoming a successful online business owner. Above all, remember that all businesses present Read More
When you're selling it's easy to think that YOU need to be the focal point for your prospect or client. But as Dave Kahle points out, the more comfortable these people are with your team makes them more likely to do business. Read More
There are a few powerful misconceptions about social media's use. They interfere with its potential power. It's unfortunate. But, Krishnade, one of Europe's leading social media resources and consultants, dispels them during a recent conversation. They are condensed here for your convenience. Read More

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