The old school approach believed that money, above all, is the best way to motivate employees. However due to faltering revenue or other causes, no executive or employee would receive a bonus this year. Given the fact that an unmotivated employee impacts your company more than you may realize, how will you strategize to save both the company and y Read More
This time round, Coca Cola is taking an interesting and bold approach towards social media use. Read More
A value proposition is a statement that promotes the benefits your business offers to customers. It's a succinct sentence that can be heard, repeated, and appreciated in a world cluttered with commercial messages. Here are four main reasons to write a value proposition as part of a brand-building strategy. Read More
Renee Evenson, author of Award Winning Customer Service, offers these tips for good customer service. Read More
A new strategy is emerging for B2B bloggers to build revenue streams from their blogs, by working with SaaS companies who have solutions that are targeted towards your niche audience. Read More
Good selling and good coaching of a sales rep are not that different. In both cases you need to properly Engage-Discover-Gain commitment-Execute. Not always easy, but straight forward. Read More
This article helps people who have issues with their credit rating to obtain a current account with a bank. You will be able to obtain a debit card and in some instances a cheque book. Most of the banks provide online and telephone banking as well as standing orders and direct debits. Read More
Every bootstrapping entrepreneurs has their own challenges and trials. Nobody is exempted. If you are one of the struggling entrepreneurs out there, then that's normal. If you are planning, do it as if you are going to succeed with your goals. Never mind the failures for the more you think of it, the closer you may get it. Read More
His first reason: Create a strong first impression on people who are not logged into Facebook but are finding me on via Google or via an email. Dropping them on my Fan Page Wall which is active and full of comments, links, and photos etc might be way too much for somebody who just found me. Check out more of the r Read More
According to the newly-released Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2009 Report, the top 5,000 blogs have one thing in common: they publish frequent posts. Read More

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