Getting to know others better and Connecting to the Organisation context better are the other aspects of one framework to help build and manage one’s authenticity and I’ll try and cover these off with a slight homage to Depeche Mode, given that they’re in town tonight Read More
This is a very cool story about a legal clinic that provides both experience for law students and legal advice for small businesses who otherwise would not have the money to seek such advice. Though this is the story of one such clinic in a single community it could definitely serve as a blueprint for a movement that could level the playing field for many small businesses that have never had adeq Read More
There has been a plethora of studies and surveys recently on the computerization of small businesses and their use of the Internet. Read More
There has been loads of media attention directed toward Twitter, the 140-character microblogging service that allows people and businesses to communicate with their "followers." In addition to being embraced as the next big thing for marketing your company, a number of small business owners have flocked to the blogs to explain how Twitter has helped them build customer relationships and add new n Read More
Like an overcrowded hospital that kicks out a patient before he's completely recovered, policymakers are abandoning small business. Read More
The Friday FREE White Paper List is a summary of the free white papers that have been posted during the past week on Twitter. Each white paper is completely FREE and does not require either email registration or any other personal information. This is a great way to review white paper examples and learn new techniques. Read More
Social Media is a great opportunity for marketing and one which provides many new ways of thinking about and organising marketing efforts. However, social media can also be hard to grasp; objectives and strategies might be difficult to handle. The widespread possibilities of social media marketing also make it a challenge to identify key strategic issues and possible problem areas. Read More
Video is becoming a powerful marketing tool to promote your small to medium sized business on the World Wide Web. Here are five important things to look for when seeking someone to produce your video for an effective online marketing campaign. They can provide a checklist for deciding what you expect from a company providing Web video for your online marketing needs. Read More
Achieving and sustaining work life balance is critical in entrepreneurship and most careers but in home based businesses where you may work literally a few feet from where you live and in proximity to family it becomes even more important. Get sucked into family related issues on a regular basis and your business will suffer. On the other hand, fail to take time away from work making time for you Read More
The emerging business models from Gen X and Y are reflections of unique paradigm they employ in life. Based on the social media concept of communities of people gathering in one place to enjoy a familiar topic, the collaborative community business model proposes more DIY and pay for it later. Read More

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