Sony Ericsson is in advanced talks to acquire Spice Mobile. According to Economic Times, Sony Ericsson is in advanced talks with BK Modi of Spice Mobiles to acquire his 64% stake in the company. According to ET, Modi demanded Rs 80-100 per share from the world's 3rd largest mobile handset manufacturing company means Spice Mobile will be valued at Read More
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True to its title there are 10 charts showing behavior expectations for social media audiences. You can deduce the ROI of any investment directed at them. Read More
Personality — Personality is defined as “the unique, authentic, and talkable soul of your brand that people can get passionate about. Personality is not just about what you stand for, but how you choose to communicate it. It is also the way to reconnect your customers, partners, employees, and influencers to the soul of your brand in the new socia Read More
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If you're still in doubt on the power of word-of-mouth from your this long list of statistics across a wide-range of demographics showing customers overwhelmingly trust their peers not your ad agencies for buying decisions. Read More
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