BLE has, so far, given a new meaning to teaching and studying. Beacons helps in delivering a personalized learning experience to students. Check out some of the great benefits of using BLE in the field of education.
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Web design has been brought closer to layman nowadays, as there are a plethora of tools available in DIY format which will help you create websites which can help run your business. The problem with such tools is that there is very little room in creating an unconventional website which will pull u Read More
When Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service at Amazon’s US-EAST-1 data centers went down, things went bad. Very, very bad.

How bad? Popular sites such as Quora, Business Insider, Netflix, Reddit and Slack either crashed entirely or were broken. By SimilarTech’s count, over 124,000 sites were affected Read More
Hyper V Vs VMware VS VirtualBox which is best desktop virtualization. Read this full article and you are able to decide which one to choose. Read More
It is not uncommon for small businesses to bypass cyber-security measures, believing that cyber-crime is reserved for major financial institutions or government organizations. However, small businesses are frequent targets because their websites and databases may have less stringent security protoc Read More
A Trello Power-Up is like an add-on inside Trello, that connects to another web application and helps you to save time by enhancing your workflow. In this article I am introducing the internal and 3rd-party Power-Ups that Trello offers to all its users now. Read More
To celebrate International Women's Day (March 8th) we have featured six female tech entrepreneurs who are making an impact in the male-dominated tech industry. Read More
If you wish to get the best from your IT applications, you need to ensure that you engage with a mature service provider that has a proven and well-defined application maintenance methodology. Read More
Are you profession video grapher or want to be? Here is top best video editing software which you can use for better video editing. This video editor available in free and paid option. Check list and download according your need. Read More
In today's article, we are about to show you some tips and tricks that you can implement right away. Without installing additional plugins. But if you are looking for a WordPress plugin to recruit in the war against spam, don't forget to come back next week or subscribe to our notifications because Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Jonny Ross @jrconsultancy Helps Businesses Be Seen

Improved visibility seems to be a theme in Jonny Ross's evolving career. First, he ran businesses that helped others … More
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