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Getting a business started or launching a blog online requires a domain name as the first thing. Your domain name becomes the address of your online home so you have to take special care when choosing a good domain name. When I bought my domain name, I read many articles at how to choose best domai Read More
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One letter can indeed make a difference. If you haven’t already, you should really make the change from HTTP to HTTPS on your business websites. Not only are HTTPS sites more secure, but Google is giving these sites a priority when indexing. Read More
Customer identity is become the first priority of every marketers for their business. Get into the article to know why? Read More
Ecommerce is exploding and extended globally. As ecommerce continues to be popular and convenient for the shoppers to shop, businesses are taking the next step to provide their services and selling their products to the customers around the world. Read More
Microsoft has announced acquiring, for an undisclosed amount, some Skype-related technology tools from Australian-based Event Zero. Read More
Although RSI no longer garners as much media interest as it did during its 90’s hey day, this condition still exists. According to a study conducted by Penclic, RSI is amongst the top ten causes of serious workplace injuries. Read More
Business automation is closely correlated to the exponential rise of computer technologies of the last decade. Every business owner is well advised to apply automated processes to their business workflows to stay competitive in the market. Read More
When attempting to automate one’s business processes, the identification of these processes must happen first. In this article I am providing an example how tasks in the process of lead generation can be automated, and time resources significantly reduced. Read More

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Devan Perine @devanmarie Is Community Manager at EnMast

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