Mobile activity is soaring, and where digital activity thrives, hackers aren't far behind.
If you're creating an app or have an app in market, it’s crucial to secure your app, your data, and your customer's data. Here’s a look at a few tips for you to consider with mobile app security, and which e Read More
Here are 10 different tools that are going to turn your resume from suitable to superb! If you are still laboring under the notion that a single-page resume is all you need, then think again. Read More
ASES Summit is held at the heart of Silicon Valley, the life and blood of the technology world. By now you know that during the Summit week, you will meet incredible entrepreneurs, visit amazing tech ventures, and work on your very own pitch presentations.

Delegates with an ardent passion for en Read More
Nearshoring is categorically similar to offshoring but it means outsourcing your project to a nearby country or region.For example, if a business in Norway outsources its project to Sweden it would be called nearshoring. Although nearshoring gives advantages of working in the same time zone with fe Read More
Xamarin is a good choice for cross platform mobile app development. Compared to other cross platform technologies, Xamarin has some clear cut advantages that ultimately makes it the favorite among developers. This FREE Whitepaper outlines the main aspects of Xamarin that will make you choose it for Read More
Building a great app can be a vital step in securing a company’s prosperous future. With so much commerce, communication, work and play carried out on our mobile devices, many firms cannot (and should not) afford to overlook the mobile space as an avenue for sustained future growth. Read More
SEO can seem like a storming sea of uncertainty. Because it’s always changing, today’s best SEO practices could very well be out of date a few short months from now. To make things even more challenging, no one knows the results of their SEO efforts right away. It takes time, commitment, and a lot Read More
Apple unveiled few improvements to the App Store to remove apps that are buggy and long app names. Check out how you can avoid having your mobile app removed.
Read More
The Future of Retail appears to be quite an enticing proposition in the time to come. Here are the #retail #trends that you can expect in the coming year of 2017. Read More
The United States is no longer the most popular destination for mobile cross-border shopping. Its thunder has been stolen by China, a new report has found.
According to the third annual cross-border commerce report by PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL), 21 percent of all online shoppers claimed to have shopped Read More

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