In the last few years, an explosion has occurred in cloud computing solutions for business. Many large, medium and small businesses have embraced the concept of cloud computing. Read More
This infographic from oneproductions profiles the rise and fall of Orkut, now destined for the infamous "Google Graveyard" and takes us through its journey from conception to evolution and its final demise. In the end Google wanted to focus on You Tube, Blogger and Google+ which simply had much fas Read More
Ever wished you could just have the internet do all your hard and annoying little tasks for you? For example… “Alright, internets… when I change my Facebook profile photo, change my Twitter account’s too. Okay?! Thanks.” Well… thanks to, now you can do THAT and a MILLION other things... Read More
In order to do the business online, the right tools are required. Various types of collaboration software are now available. Technologies that create shared space and tools for collaboration fall into two categories: real-time and asynchronous or persistent. Online meetings, IM chats, calendaring, Read More
As a blogger, one of our core tasks is to write awesome content that people can’t help but want to read.

Then there’s the promotion of our blog posts, networking and the building of relationships with other bloggers.

All of which takes a great deal of time.

But the unfortunate truth is tha Read More
As a designer you’ll realize that circles are the strongest shape in design. Circles seem to be making a comeback. The circle is a perfect shape, it is the same no matter how you look at it. Read More
Buyers from the popular e-commerce site Amazon can now use a tweet to add products to their wishlists. Read More
POS system displays come in various forms and functions. Picking one that suits your business is important. Here is a guide on choosing the right one. Read More
From malvertising to phishing, tech support scams to fake PC cleanup, our personal computer security and online safety are in jeorpardy. Whether you encounter an in-your-face virus or are victimized in a stealthy manner, are you prepared to clean it up? Read More
Top tech tools available to you to enhance your availability from afar as well as to stay connected and on top of your online presence. Read More

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