With corporate tax reform becoming a hot topic among politicians and the media, many are targeting reform with pass-through entities which negatively affect small businesses. Read More
Here are some of the common payroll tax pitfalls that small businesses face, as well as suggestions on how to avoid them. Read More
Don’t have the cash to pay your taxes? The IRS accepts credit cards. This might seem like a quick and easy solution — especially if you want to avoid the penalties that come with paying late, or if you don’t pay taxes at all. Read More
One of the surprises many small business owners face early on is that when payroll is not handled properly, the penalties can be quite costly. Read More
Sometimes it makes sense to have someone else file your tax return for you versus you doing it yourself. Find out some of those key considerations when deciding whether to file yourself or use a tax preparer or accountant. Read More
Even if you don’t get any new tax breaks, it’s a good time to consider reviewing your business spending throughout the year to see if what you’ve done qualifies you for business tax breaks. Read More
Many companies across Texas do not claim the R&D Tax Credit, which they are entitled to. This is due to the fact that they believe they are not entitled to this incentive. Many small businesses believe that in order to receive the R&D Tax Credit, they must be a large corporation with big manufactur Read More
As tax season approaches, it’s important for gay couples to understand some of the implications that come with a new tax filing status. Here are 5 things gay married couples need to know about filing taxes: Read More
Presentation by The Resourceful CEO provides details on what business types must receive 1099s, why, and by what dates. Includes IRS 1099 filing dates and requirements and W-9 overview. Read More
S corporations are a flow-through entity for tax purposes. They have a unique business structure that allows them to be a useful mechanism in business tax planning. For example, avoidance of self-employment tax, favorable tax laws in some states and various accounting techniques help reduce costs w Read More

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