Sales tax can be one of the more confusing and complicated regulatory aspects of running your business. Here are 10 things you might not know about it! Read More
Various VAT schemes are available for businesses. Depending upon the turnover and a few other aspects, businesses can select the ones best suited for their requirements. Read More
Over the years, the UK economy has been witness to a steady increase in the number of registered businesses. A number of VAT registration schemes are available for businesses and the Cash Accounting Scheme is one of them. It is a hassle-free scheme for businesses and has a number of advantages. Read More
Fraudulently filed tax returns are becoming more common each year. Follow these steps to reduce your risk of ID theft and know what to do if your information is used in tax fraud. Read More
Floods, fire, theft, accidents. All unfortunate and expensive events, but you may be entitled to a tax deduction for losses suffered. While these deductions won’t necessarily make you whole, they will help ease some of the financial burden. Read More
There are now more than 11,000 sales tax jurisdictions across the U.S. Complying with this complex jurisdictional matrix, each with its own set of rates, regulations and forms can be nothing less than a nightmare for smaller ecommerce businesses. Read More
While IRS audit rates are down considerably and the chances that you’ll be examined are small, recognize that there are still thousands of small business owners audited each year. Even though tax season is now over, here are three IRS hot button issues for the coming year, why you should avoid th Read More

VAT: Sellers' Guide

VAT: Sellers\' Guide  Avatar Posted by companywizard under Taxes
From 302 days ago
UK VAT registered seller’s guide concerning all VAT related transactions. Seller’s responsibilities, certain VAT rates and how to calculate VAT-inclusive and exclusive prices are highlighted by the infographic. Read More
The flat rate VAT accounting scheme makes the VAT process simple for businesses that qualify for this. Let's take a detailed look at this scheme to eliminate all confusions. Read More
When it comes to filing state or federal tax returns, far too many individuals make the grave mistake of assuming they aren’t eligible to claim expenses back. But the truth is, there are loads of forgotten tax deductions that can generate huge savings in the short-term. Read More

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