U.S. politicians often profess a desire to champion small businesses — and businesses in general. The economic development and job creation they bring are important.
But what promotes small businesses often promotes larger ones too — things like lower taxes and fewer regulations. And the reverse Read More
George Osborne recently announced the government’s plans to help the UK’s small businesses; from April 2017 businesses whose properties have a Rateable Value of up to £15,000 will not have to pay business rates at all, a rise from £6,000 previously. Read More
One of the constants in life is taxes. Unfortunately we all have to pay our fair share. Anyone who is wise however will try to minimize their tax burden as much as they can.

By a show of hands who wants to pay more taxes? I didn’t think so! Below you are going to see some of the best real estat Read More
Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, shares 5 last-minute tax-filing tips with entrepreneurs to help them prepare for the last month left before filing. Read More
Tax day (April 15) is only about a month away, and that means millions of Americans will soon be getting their tax refunds. That’s good news for small business owners, since more spending money in consumers’ pockets means they’ll have more money to spend at your business … right?
Not necessarily. Read More
You have options on how to write-off items you buy for your business. The way in which you pay for the items does not impact your tax write-offs. Read More
The IRS began accepting tax returns on January 19, yet it’s a good bet that the lead story during local TV newscasts nationwide on April 18 will be the long lines of procrastinators standing outside their post offices waiting to make sure their returns are mailed on-time. If you’re running a small Read More
Crickhowell, Wales calls for Fair Tax. In a BBC documentary, follow the journey of finding tax avoidance solution that is used by big corporations. Read More
Small businesses get brought up a lot by presidential candidates but what issues do business owners care most about? From taxes to regulations, these are the answers. Read More
It is important to know when you are working for someone if you are an employee or an independent contractor. There are different employment arrangements, and your employment status affects your obligations when it comes to filing your income tax return. Read More

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