One of the best ways to legally reduce your tax bill is to take advantage of tax deductions. Here are some of the most common tax deductions you will run into. Read More
If your state collects income tax, you need to file a state return as well as a federal return. If you've moved in the last year, you might need to file more than one state tax return. Read More
One of the many questions asked by entrepreneurs as they plan for the sale of their business is related to the Adjusted EBITDA definition. Its computation is important to business owners because it’s a vital part of a multi-step process used in the valuation of a privately held company.

Adjusted Read More
Although the 2014 tax season is coming to close, here are three reasons why you should begin planning for next tax season now. Read More
If it’s past December 31, though, reducing your income through deductions is difficult. You’re usually stuck with the deductions you already have, and the income that you have already reported. There are two ways to get a truly last minute tax break, though. Read More
“Funds raised by a taxpayer through (reward-based) crowdfunding activities will likely constitute business income to the taxpayer. Correspondingly, the CRA has clarified that in their view expenses relating to such crowdfunding activities should generally be deductible by the taxpayer in computing Read More
Not to long ago I sat down with my accountant to prepare my taxes. After looking at my situation and running the numbers, he told me I could save right around $2,000 in taxes by maxing out my HSA contributions. Read More
Are you a freelance professional? Here are six tax time tips to help you — especially if you are a noob. Read More
TD Ameritrade conducted a survey to find out what Americans will do with their tax refunds. Find out the results of the survey. Read More
Business owners might be looking for a tax pro around this time of year, but in order to find one that they can work well with, they should have a list of questions ready to help them with their decisions. Read More

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