When it comes to donating to charity, it's important to understand whether or not you are actually making a tax-deductible contribution Read More
As a new business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From creating a business plan to hiring employees, your to-do list is a hefty one.
But while you’re juggling startup tasks, you’ll also want to think about how taxes will impact your business. Jessie Seaman, a tax attorney with the Tax Defen Read More
April is still a few months away, but there are important changes you should be aware of in regards to your small business taxes. Information-filled post on the CorpNet.com blog. Read More
Over the past 18 months, the political wind has changed. The public have made clear how disgusted they feel at the industrial scale tax avoidance by big business, and politicians are now waking up to their anger. Read More
With identity theft on the rise, here are 6 tips for you to avoid having your identity stolen as IRS scammers love to get refunds that are due to other taxpayers. Read More
Making sure payroll is reported correctly is a priority for business owners. Here is information to help them better understand payroll and withholding taxes. Read More
If you are going through a divorce right now, or if you are recently divorced, here are 6 things that you need to know:
Read More
If your business had employees or were serviced by independent contractors tax forms need to be filed soon. Here's what you need to know. Read More
Now that the year is almost over, it’s the perfect time to boost your tax efficiency with a few tax deductions. Here are 5 tax deductions you don’t want to miss before the end of the year: Read More
‘Tis the (Filing) Season - eFile 1099 Online Every year-end brings with it not just the holiday spirit, but also the underlying dread felt by small business owners – a creepy and back-of-your-neck hair-raising feeling associated with annual business tax reporting and filing.  That old saying about Read More

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