Ask anyone who’s been in business for more than 10 years and you’ll get the same reaction when you bring up small business taxes: Please change the topic. It’s not just that the topic is mind-meltingly boring (it is) or a buzz-kill (it is). It’s because taxes are always the biggest expense we have Read More
Discusses the tax deductions available to professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture and construction. Read More
The 1099-MISC form reports total payments to the IRS, from either an individual or an entity, to an independent contractor that has provided services throughout the year that total more than $600. Read More
Do you own (or plan to open) a restaurant? Restaurant owners are eligible to take advantage of a number of tax-saving strategies and deductions, and these tips will make the process easier. Read More
While the prospect of comprehensive tax reform looms large, there are some actions that you can take now that will help you and your business do well under current or new tax rules. In addition, law changes and other factors may influence actions you need to take now.
Here are 10 ideas. Read More
Death and taxes are inevitable. You cannot avoid paying taxes, but you can legally claim these deductions as a business owner to ease the burden. Read More
As small business owners, we have all been brought up to fear the almighty IRS audit. If you want to evade it, avoid these eight triggers at all cost. Read More
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is coming up on November 19th—meaning this is the best time to celebrate influential females in the small business space.

Read More
Now that President-elect Donald Trump has secured the office of the presidency, it’s time to take a comprehensive look at his proposed tax plan and what it means for the American people. Read More
Today, there are more units of QuickBooks Desktop used by small businesses than QuickBooks Online. However, small businesses are flocking to the online version of accounting platform. Did you know that 80% of new QuickBooks users are choosing QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop?

Read More

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