BNI podcast episode 347 by Dr. Ivan Misner:

It’s possible to spend so much time running around and making appearances that you don’t have time to build deep relationships and develop credibility. Activity is not the same thing as accomplishment. If your network is a mile wide and an inch deep, i Read More
There was a great article last week in the WSJ – H-P Overhaul Shows Promise by Spencer Ante. I’ve summarized below some great takeaways to consider for smaller companies. Read More
Introduction to KPIs: performance function, baselines, target, weight of indicator, calculating the total scorecard index. Read More
We get to know our clients, learn about their children and sometimes even go out for a drink or lunch with them, just to shoot the breeze. It can be hard to set a happy medium between work and friendship when your personal brand weighs so heavily in the balance. Read More
In the survival of the fittest business world, your ability to strategically adapt, anticipate change & reinvent the company may be the key to success in 2014. Read More
Discard the conventional wisdom, pack your ideas and join peers and MarkLogic gurus from around the globe as we reimagine the new generation data platform. Read More
What do you do when the biggest naysayer in your life just happens to be someone who is the closest to you?

It could be your significant other, a BFF, your parents or other family members. The people who are closest to us tend to have a tremendous influence over our lives and we tend to value th Read More
Top 5 Hottest SEO Trends in 2014 : A selection of the top search engine optimization trends that influence a sites page ranking on Google. Read More
Data quality is important, because if data is not managed correctly and quality is not ensured, your data can become a risky liability instead of a valuable asset. Read More
Sometimes disasters do strike when people least expect it, so I've talked about some things brides should be careful of on their big day. Read More

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