During the holidays people are getting ready for Christmas and are a little tighter with their money. Another problem is competition with food in the break room. Here are two saving strategies and one income strategy: Read More
Listing your business for sale has often been compared to the experience of listing one’s property but experienced brokers feel that the two are actually totally different. Preparation is key; preparing your business for sale can ease stress and also allow the same to run smoothly..... Read More
To succeed, companies—especially startups—need to have innovative approaches to solving everyday challenges. But not every company has this skill. To find out what businesses should do to improve upon this, we asked founders from YEC ingredients for innovation most companies are lacking. Read More
Looking for a free resource? Check out my newly revised eBook, the bloggers guide to smarter blogging, 8 chapters of awesome content, tips, ideas and strategies, plus my personal insights to help you build a better blog, get your free copy today! Read More
Many of us forget that the blog is the original social media channel. It’s the social media rug that ties the content marketing room together. As a major fuel source for social, it’s vital to mix up the content on the blog, after all variety is the spice of life. Read More
The local bar owner can now use the data generated by serving beer and this data reveals great insights and drives profit for the bar. Read More
Charging $60 or $70 for an eBook sounds absurd and I'm safely guessing is mostly unheard of these days, heck charging $25 for an eBook could even be questionable, unless of course the eBook 100% deserves to be priced high... Read More
Your job is probably a bigger part of your life that you'd like to admit, but not knowing when to stop our busy schedules can lead to frustration, lack of motivational energy, and the disability to perform at the optimal level. Read More
Kenny Andam has turned his ambition to technology after representing Ghana at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Here he provides some business advice. Read More
It is my pleasure to bring to you, our first guest at GlitzyHub. He is a passionate geek, so techie to the extent that he earned himself the title ''The Tech Evangelist'', sounds so weird. There isn't a tech related news or tutorial that cannot be found on the tech blog of this fellow. Who am I tal Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Jonny Ross @jrconsultancy Helps Businesses Be Seen

Improved visibility seems to be a theme in Jonny Ross's evolving career. First, he ran businesses that helped others … More
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