Juggling your own and your employees’ summer vacations with the need to still get work done can be tricky. Fortunately, planning ahead and using the right tools can help you and your team members take time off to recharge, while still keeping your business’s workflow moving along.

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Here's how you can implement workflow analysis like Apple, who used it to avoid collapse in 1990 and grew to the $750 billion behemoth it is today. Read More
Hatch Canada has been a long time member of the Process Street community and utilizes our platform to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes. We spoke with CEO Peter Kuperman about how Process Street is utilized within the business. Read More
Group decision making is a process, in which many people are analysing a problem together and are looking for solutions, trying to choose the best one. According to many available articles and books it’s the best way of solving problems and appointing directions of company development. Read More
This article will give you angles for accelerating innovation. These tips will help to initiate and nurture innovation in your company. Read More
Uber is seemingly always in the news for something.

It appears Uber is everywhere.

But how did Uber grow to such a large degree, particularly with laws and governments and embedded markets in their way? How did they end up with a potential valuation of $68 billion?
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Have unused property and not enough cash? Here's 3 demand-driven ways to make extra money from all that property you're currently just paying taxes on. Read More
Here is how you can more effectively discover the real ROI of the two different types of workplace analytics. Read More
Reputation management needs to be priority. If you are not convinced, check out these stories that reveal the importance of effective reputation management. Read More
Everyone wants to produce a healthy and effective team, but it can be exceptionally hard to produce one, especially when you are dealing with a big team. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey is used to functioning as the small business equivalent of a one woman show. Her Website SoloSmarts.com … More
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