Different types of content play different roles in your marketing strategy. They help your business in different ways. Here at Copyblogger, we’ve been successfully using these four types of content for more than a decade. Read More
This guide is for newbies who are new to blogging and experienced bloggers who wish to bring their blog one step further. Starting a blog is dead simple. But mastering the art of blogging is another story. Read More
Getting answers to your questions is what Quora’s all about and there’s some very interesting conversations happening around all sorts of topics.
One question asked recently was “What are some uncommon ways to work smarter instead of harder?“. Read More
The constant call to innovate can infuriate even the most tech-savvy business owner out there. Not only do businesses have to maintain an online presence. They are expected to constantly monitor the market and correctly use those insights to amaze, delight and capture their future customers (who ar Read More
Video is one of the most engaging forms of digital marketing. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Because video combines visual and audible elements, it brings the best parts of other the other digital media and combines them in a super-sharable package. That’s why when a piece of media takes t Read More
Prevent inconsistencies in executing recurring processes as you scale up your business.
1. Document your recurring processes
2. Use applications designed for documenting and creating checklists for recurring processes
3. Strictly adhere to created checklists
Read More
In 2015, The Fader reported huge news for Spotify. Out of its 75 million monthly users, 20 million are paying customers.

A 26.6% conversion rate is staggering on freemium products. As Jason Cohen says: “A really good conversion rate for free-to-paid is 4%, like Dropbox. Awesome for them, but nor Read More
For those who love the written word, a career as a freelance writer may seem like a dream come true. Not only can you write from anywhere you can access a computer, but you also get to create content for others to read.

However, you might not know where to get started and how to earn a Read More
In my business life, I have, often, find tools and methods, which help me to understand better the environment in which I was operating in. It is important in my line of work to have good approaches, tested operations and trustworthy tools to help you listen carefully and on time the requirements a Read More
Today, with flexible management practices and innovation in technology, we can provide our employees options to work at home. We can even boost their productivity by:

1. Requesting them to dedicate a workplace away from the living space
2. Install time tracking tools
3. Use cloud applications Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

How To Make Sure Sponsored Content Gets Clicked

If you're trying to get visitors to click your sponsored content, try using an image with a celebrity or with eye … More
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