Technology advances and customer preferences evolve. Trends in social media emerge as a result. Here are some of the social media trends for 2018. Read More
Why choose video to promote your small business? Because a whopping 98 percent of users say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, according to a 2016 video marketing survey by Wyzowl. Of these, 74 percent said they subsequently bought it. A new infographic b Read More
If you’re struggling with setting up a social media ad campaign, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has just introduced a solution right up your alley.
The new Twitter Promote Mode is an “always-on, amplification engine” which automatically boosts tweets and profiles.
By repeatedly promoting tweets, Promote Mod Read More
Twitter isn’t a straightforward social network – there’s a culture that one must adjust to, a language to be learned, and unique etiquette rules to follow.. Read More
Let’s say you’re a local business in Indianapolis. Finding and engaging with followers across the US is of little value. You need a way to engage with the people nearest you that are actually going to drive results for your business.. Read More
Twitter has always been one of the most popular social networks. It’s used around the world, with over 500 million new Tweets each day. Many businesses have taken notice, and have created their own account to promote themselves. But like any social media account, it takes upkeep and consistent cont Read More
Twitter users will soon be able to post tweets of up to 280 characters. The social network hopes the change will boost engagement, and ultimately narrow the gap in it profits between it and its great rival, Facebook. Read More
Want to reduce your Facebook ad costs?

Wondering how to move an audience closer to conversion?

In this article, you’ll learn how to grow and convert warm leads with Facebook ads and live video. Read More
This is due to Facebook’s 20% rule, which means that any promoted page posts through their services will need to include no more than 20% text. The promoted page post feature on Facebook wants all of its advertisements to have more focus on the images themselves versus the words on them.

With ad Read More
This is the most common question that businesses have when working on Social Media. How often to post on Instagram and other channels is 100% determined by your audience, but here are the common best practices to keep in mind.. Read More

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