Today I’m writing with our founder and fearless leader, Eve Mayer, also known as @LinkedInQueen. To explain our relationship: She provides the LinkedIn profile knowledge and I provide the witty rejoinders. Read More
Do you remember the day the Earth stood still? No, I am not referencing a classic film. Or the unapologetic remake that starred Keanu Reeves. The epic day that is being referred to here is the launch of the new Facebook Reactions. Read More
A recent study done by Dunham and Company revealed that 76% of nonprofits don’t provide a way for donors to share about the donation they just made while 40% of donors say they’d like a way to do this. Read More
Ecommerce businesses reap the most benefits out of social media marketing. According to 2015 social planning guide, over 86 percent of top brands have Instagram accounts. Given 90 percent of customers trust product recommendations coming from their peers and through online reviews, online presence Read More
Social marketing is more than just product awareness or brand building. For many companies, such as Heifer International, social marketing actually helps people all over the world.

The same tools that marketers use to sell things can also tell an incredible story of charity, and get more and mo Read More
Can data from your site’s statistics be more than just figures? Here are 10 ways to use data to improve your social marketing. Read More
For a LinkedIn account to bring real benefits you need to actively participate in group discussions, engage with the community and optimize your user profile.
Take a look at these 7 tips and make that you're following them all. Read More
One best resource which is perfect for your job search is twitter. Twitter gets you linked with new people, organization, jobs, courses and ideas. This online tool can be used in the right manner so that your online brand is improved and you stand on top of the search results. Read More
Forget about all other digital marketing trends that you have known so far. Social media is the single biggest trend of 2016! Read More
Social media is taking over the world. There are 1.49 billion monthly users on Facebook, that are active users. That’s just Facebook, and not considering all of the other social media sites that are showing popularity online and on mobile media.

In a recent post on 2016 social media trends, stat Read More

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