Engagement is trust, it means you want others to know about you and you are present in the media looking out for new customers. You are not afraid, you are a go getter! A business that is eager to talk to their customers, give away freebies, get in touch with their customers — ergo create a lasting Read More
Until recently many businesses seemed to think it was enough to simply create profiles on the various social networks and ‘tick the box’ to say that they were ‘social’ but do nothing further. This was never the case but until recently seemed to be enough for some, however, businesses no longer have Read More
With most businesses now going social, there is an even greater need to maximize just about any part of a social page - yes, that includes the cover. Here are some fascinating and creative ideas on what to put on the cover of your social page. Read More
Social media for regulated industries is a hot topic – and one that’s shrouded in mystery. Cracking the code to this beast is a challenge due to the multiple layers of risk and the unclear rules surrounding how social media is legally categorized.
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YouTube offers videos on every topic, from latest songs being released directly by artists to complete video tutorials on how to play guitar. There are many features of YouTube that most people do not know about and by utilizing them, you can greatly boost your YouTube experience. Read More
As product and service pages are being phased out, small business owners should get busy cooking up other ways to promote what they have to offer. Read More
To show you how can you dress up your social content for success and how can you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn - the right way, the folks at Pagemodo have put together the visual below that helps make your social media marketing a little more manageable!
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Upworthy has mastered the dark viral arts to change the internet forever. Upworthy’s ultimate goal is to find and repackage content that is visual, meaningful, and sharable.

Today we discuss how Upworthy’s tactics have put them on top and how you can do that too! Read More
That’s it! I hope you have learned from my 3 simple tips for B2B social media marketing techniques. Don’t hesitate to share what works on your company as well, post them in the comments section below! Read More
Two of the most frequent questions I receive in my Inbox are: “Are there customers for my product?” and “How can I get more people to engage with me?”. I started answering them in last week’s article, where I suggested a few ideas to help you find your audience in order to create content that answe Read More

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