Google+ and LinkedIn are both vying for top position among business networks, and both have their own unique characteristics to bring value. Social media has absolutely exploded, and digital marketing has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool in a business’s advertising arsenal. Read More
Small businesses may stand to be the most effected by increasing prices and less delivery from Facebook ads. Read More
With so many sites using WordPress on the backend (stop giggling), WP becomes a target for hackers. Here are several steps to stay on top of your website, remove the spam if you have it, and keep hackers out. Read More
Are you using LinkedIn today to look for a new job, to network or share your content from? LinkedIn is one of those networks that many people do not sign into often. They sign up, fill out their profile and connect with others. They don’t go in often to update or check for updates like they may do Read More
The folks at tollfreeforwarding have produced an infographic that sheds some light on how use of social media can affect human brain.

Here's are some key takeaways from visual:

Social media activity, like tweeting for 10 minutes can raise Oxytocin levels (which helps in creating feeling of tr Read More
With a pair of recent high-profile Twitter trends, the effectiveness of hashtag activism is once again being debated. But this is not a new discussion - it goes back nearly to the advent of Twitter. While many believe there's little effect of such campaigns, such trends can make their way to the re Read More
A beginner’s guide to Google+ Communities including how to participate within them and how to create your own community. Read More
Over the past 8 months, I've been launching quite a few Teespring campaigns.  Early on in the year and more recently, I launch 10-20 shirts every day... Read More
The folks at trackmaven analyzed over 1.5 million Facebook posts from nearly 6,000 brand pages to determine the best ways to engage customers on Facebook. Here's what they found. Read More
With more than 70 million registered users and 20 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social networking. Here's an infographic from coschedule that shows why it is so important to you as a social media marketer, and how you can reach this powerful Read More

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