I’ve always advocated posting content through Google+. Not because it’s a thriving social media hub (unless you’re a techie, it isn’t!). But because the world’s biggest search engine Google places a high ranking priority on content posted through Google+.

So we post blog links on Google+, but it Read More
Learn how to easily schedule your posts on Facebook, it's easy and you can schedule posts to your pages, groups and wall and save a ton of time! Read More
Not only is it used for marketing and promotions, social media is also a great tool to use to provide excellent customer service. However, which social media platform should you use? Read More
There are a wide variety of social marketing tools available and a wide variety of uses for them. Find out here which ones are most beneficial for your business. Read More
There are multiple desktop and mobile services that provide live-streaming services for free, some of which also record your broadcast so your audience can view it later in case they missed the live event. Read More
Maintaining social media profiles can help you improve your engagement with fans. But in order to create meaningful engagements, first you have to find your target customers. And this infographic shows how you can do it? Read More
For the majority of Internet users social networks like Twitter and Pinterest are purely instruments of communication and sources of information. But these large networks are also offering opportunities for businesses, and today we will look at two features marketers and small business owners can p Read More
Business owners need to be especially conscious of their online presence.
Your business website and the other sites that you have control over are just part of your online footprint. While you won’t necessarily have full control over every online entity that mentions your name or your business, th Read More
Had I remained in my corporate job in London which I decided to leave some 13 years ago, I am not certain that I would have much of an idea about social media and all the marketing opportunities that it opens up to the small business entrepreneur.
“Social Media For The Rest Of Us: Simple Steps To Read More
It started with text based messaging and now it is the biggest communication channel on the planet-Social Media. It has been more than 10 years since Facebook was founded. Although social media was in the process of evolution since 70s but the golden era of social media started after 2000 when webs Read More

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