With purposeful strategy, you can secure MORE targeted leads and clients from Twitter—consistently.

So why are so many businesses missing the mark?

Three important data points reveal how to market with Twitter to get maximum results from your efforts. Read More
Want better social media engagement? Stop finding random content with no data or context, posting it on a hunch and then hoping it will resonate with people. Here's how to be more scientific. Read More
Here are some “Brands Doing It Right” when it comes to implementing Visual content marketing on various visual Social Media platforms. Read More
It's not all about tweeting your every thought and off-the-cuff Facebook statuses. Social media marketing in 2016 is getting a lot more serious. Find out the major trends of SMM in the latest Tek Shouts! article. Read More
Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools for insurance agents? That’s right, LinkedIn is more than a website to show off your work history and connect with other professionals. Read More
Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution to get on top of social media for your small business? This post will point out five ways social media will be changing and growing in the coming year, and how you can best be prepared for what’s next. Read More
I was excited to learn about some new ways to show twitter share count once again on the blog. You may have remembered my last post about the loss of the Twitter share count. Twitter stopped the share counts from being seen on third party applications, etc. via their API on your blog or website. Th Read More
What can you do when you're engaging live from an event, not near a computer or just not a graphic designer? Creating social media graphics on the go can be super simple with the use of a few apps. Read on to discover my favorite 3 apps Read More
Get into this awesome article by Bonny Jones to know about 5 Awesome Social Data Tools To Help You Read Your Customers’ Minds! A must read article from my side. Read More
Twitter is big for markers, especially for digital marketers.

How big is Twitter?

Well, Twitter is the 4th largest social network behind Facebook, Google+ and Instagram in terms of user volume.

Twitter is also the 3rd largest social media traffic driver behind Read More

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