Now a days to work with the world you need to be more smarter than ever. You must be aware of new inventions. You must know the shortcuts to save your precious time.

This infographic, from Jamie , will show you how to use shortcuts to speed up your browsing on some of the most commonly used soc Read More
When the topic of discourse is related to the strategic implementation of social media, it is inevitable–perhaps even inescapable–that the conversation will steer its way around the importance of sharing updates, arguments over the quantity of engagement. Read More
In today’s internet age, when starting up a business, a strong online presence can make or break your start up business. Social media, websites, and online networking are becoming the most cost-saving and effective way to get your business noticed. It is how you use these tools which will get your Read More

5 Easy Ways to Get More ReTweets on Twitter

5 Easy Ways to Get More ReTweets on Twitter Avatar Posted by clickfan under Social Media
(Editorial) 24 days ago
We all know it’s great when your followers click on links in your tweets but we also know that engagement should not stop there. The real power of Twitter is the viral nature of social users. Here are 5 easy ways to get more retweets on Twitter. When people retweet your tweets your reach can grow q Read More
Check out these 7 amazing TED talks that will tell a different story about social media and how things actually work on the interest. Prepare to be amazed. Read More
Google+ is set to be broken up into many different services. Does this mean the end of Google's social experiment, and will it be missed by marketers? Read More
Social media gets a bad press when it comes to its use within office hours. Many brands only see its pitfalls, but there are plenty of business benefits too. Read More
You visit Facebook on every device you possess, checking your feed and notifications every 5 minutes and ignoring real social interactions around you. Now, you have probably read a lot of “break the addiction” posts that simply say you should deactivate your account. We don’t. 90% of the time you w Read More
Another month has ended. Time to share my favorite social media articles from around the web! I hope you will enjoy the list I selected for you. Read More
Social media marketing changes year after year. Discover 7 Social Media Trends, and What Channels Are People Focusing On Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Nick Stamoulis @NickStamoulis Has the Solution

Nick Stamoulis has the solution for getting your business noticed. With 12 years experience, Stamoulis is founder and … More
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