When it comes to selling your business, it helps to understand the difference between selling price and value. In this guest post, Peter Watson from Biz Listings explains how to increase the value of your business to maximise your selling price once you decide to sell. Read More
I see a time when collaborative teams will shun traditional email in favour of chat. You may think I have lost my marbles, and you would not be alone, but this is happening now. Should email be trembling in it's boots at the prospect? Read More
If you’re a web publisher who doesn’t know the exact grammar and vocabulary rules, you are in the right place to grab the facts of Grammarly and perk up your articles with excellent readability. Read More
Producing high-quality content can be difficult to do, especially if you need to update your blog on a regular basis to maintain your readership. Fortunately, these 10 blogging tools will help you blog more efficiently and more effectively:
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GoToMeeting is all about arranging meetings and it makes having meetings pretty easy to do too. GoToMeeting is straightforward and really easy to use. But great as GoToMeeting is, it has its own flaws and some people actually find it to be too expensive to use compare to others offering similar ser Read More
Customer and corporate data are valuable and confidential information for all businesses. Companies must therefore protect these assets to ensure privacy and prevent security breaches. This can be a challenge though for those with limited budgets and resources. However, outsourcing can help. Read More
Flat design has become a widely favored technique by web developers in recent years, as it emphasizes minimalism in the user interface (UI) designs. Some of the largest tech companies have shifted to flat design for their blogs and UI. It is the basis for responsive design, which has resolved compa Read More
Get 11 tried and tested mobile app growth hacks that will boost customer acquisition for apps across categories Read More
If you want to get the maximum return on the sale of your business, then you need to make your business as attractive as possible to buyers. Read More
When you talk to other people about selling your business, you will get plenty questions like, why? How much? What are you going to do now? Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

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