Are you trying to write a website scoping document and struggling to decide what to put in it? This blog post should help you. - See more at: Read More
Are you worried about your poor traffic rate? Is your blog not getting that flow you've always wanted? Come, let me take you back to basics and show you how you can make your site better with these unique steps... Read More
Now you’ve acquired a new Android device, the next thought that pops into your mind is the Apps to install on your device, right? As you already know, there are millions of applications available for download, name it; from sports apps to news apps, fun apps, internet apps and so on. I know you can Read More
A business-grade virtual assistant is the answer to your stress, to your customers’ needs, to your overflowing inbox, to your office emergencies, to keeping the business ticking over while you are away – the answer to all of it. Read More
Try photoshop online editor, it's browser based, no download required. design and edit your photos. give it a try. it will save tons of your time. Read More
What is the best blogging platform for a newbie? This is a question i was asked just recently by a friend who’s intending to start a blogging career and that’s not the first or second time i’ve received a similar question. The best blogging platform is always the major question asked by beginner bl Read More
I read about these horror stories every day. People’s WordPress sites getting hacked. Their content? GONE FOREVER. Why? They didn’t take the time to try and secure their website. They didn’t have a backup or a disaster recovery plan. They didn’t keep it updated. Or take the time to use a proper log Read More
Android devices comes with default WiFi scanner which can detect and display available WiFi networks but they can’t provide the details you’ll require to choose the best and stronger WiFi networks to connect to. If you are experiencing such problems; it’s not going to be an issue anymore.. Read More
How does the alexa or page rank works? Here's a simple post that talks about how they work and how you can simply improve your ranking withiut that much stress of. Read More
Sometimes a little motivation can go a long way. Whether it’s working out to achieve your fitness goals, learning a new language, or meeting a quarterly sales goal, Lift is an app that keeps you motivated to do your best. Its motto is: “Unlock your potential. Change your life.” Read More

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