The small manufacturers who are thriving in the face of global competition and other challenges have spent the last five to seven years improving productivity and process efficiencies. This focus has often meant that marketing activity was next to nonexistent — with much new business coming from wo Read More
I hate shopping, and I have a limited fashion sense. So when a friend offered to help me shop for wardrobe essentials that I could mix and match to suit almost any occasion, I wholeheartedly agreed. These staples have been so helpful in many ways. Read More
If you take handwritten notes and yearned to have a digital record of those then the Wacom Slate may be worth considering. You can attach an A4 pad to this clipboard, take notes and with the push of a button have an electronic image of the notes. In this article, I review this latest smart pad. Read More
Apple always insists iPhone, iPad users to continue with the default app called “Mail.” The brand has been adding new gestures and features to make it more premiums, but they are not focusing on adding useful features.

The Apple has improved many areas of the app on iOS 8 and iOS 9, but they hav Read More
Ever since Google rolled out Hummingbird in 2013, there has been some question about the value of keyword research. Moving from a keyword-focused process to a topic-focused process has led some to devalue the long, arduous process of keyword research. Many wonder if it’s even worth the time. Read More
From apps that can save you time, reduce your workload and generally just quite helpful, there are now plenty of options and different apps available. Here are 10 essential apps for eCommerce business owners from 13-ten. Read More
Online business tools such as Freshbooks can help your company save time and money and increase efficiency. Read More
I came across your site when searching for mommy-friendly jobs and just love your content. I am a new mommy to a 2-month-old, and I’m having a hard time prepping to go back to my 9-5 job with an hour and a half commute each way.

I work as an Interactive Marketing Manager with the main Read More
To stay on the right track you need to really understand the problem you’re trying to fix and constantly get feedback from the people you’re designing for. But even if you’re talking to them it’s easy to get stuck designing on your own. Read More
Kentico is the only all-in-one ASP.NET CMS that fully integrates Web Content Management, E-commerce, Online Marketing, and Intranet on one platform. Read More

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