This is a very important question and having a solid answer to this question would make you confident as long as you are a beginner. If you want to start your career with this business or just want to try it, you must know that you have to spend some money in the beginning. Read More
Email is everywhere. It’s used by nearly everyone, more personal than social media, and less obtrusive than phone call. When you need to introduce yourself and your company to someone, email often just makes the most sense.

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There are a lot of myths about biotech venture capital. Most of these myths concern returns, what works, what doesn’t work, and the state of the industry. Since they are talked about so often, most people believe these myths to be true, even practitioners, limited partners and pundits. There are a Read More
On this guest post, our investor Fernando Ferreira (Portugal Ventures) gives fantastic insights on what VCs are looking for in their seed round investments. Read More
WayBlazer Inc. is an Austin, Texas based start-up that recently received $5 million during a Series A round of venture capital financing. The company organizes big data to generate travel information. Read More
In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most important contract terms to watch out for when negotiating an agreement to accept outside investments, and explain why they’re worth worrying about.
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Apple’s billionaire activist investor, Carl Icahn, believes the company is still dramatically undervalued and misunderstood. “It is our belief that large institutional investors, Wall Street analysts and the news media alike continue to misunderstand Apple,” he writes. He penned an open letter to A Read More

DocuSign, the electronic signature service, has recently brought their valuation to an astounding $3 billion after raising $233 million in funding. Below is a little more information on the tech company. Read More
So what’s not to like about SBA loans? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get approved. Many businesses that want SBA loans get turned away by banks for one reason or another. Here are the 5 main reasons that SBA loan applicants get rejected, and what your alternatives are. Read More
You’ve prepared a great pitch. Now what? Now, you want feedback. You want to vet your metrics with experts in your industry, see if there are any holes in your presentation, and make sure it reads well before you pitch your investors. Getting feedback on your pitch is a great idea. Read More

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