Starting and growing a business is expensive. As the old saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. Sometimes this means investing in a loan to expand your company.

How do you figure out which loan will best meet your needs? Follow these steps to find the best business loan for you.
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The key to persuade someone is to grab their attention first and make them believe in you after that. A pitch deck is all about persuasion. Entrepreneurs do everything to persuade the investors to make them sign a check for their big idea. Read More
When sourcing finance for your small business bank loans should be the last port of call. However if it is the only option, this article raises 3 key issues which should be considered before submitting your application Read More
Data from the loan market suggests that female entrepreneurs are less likely to receive conventional business loans. This means women owned businesses will struggle to obtain credit, a necessary part of being competitive in any market. These 15 grants are designed specifically for women. Read More
For small business owners in need of capital, SBA loans are one option. However, there are some pros and cons to these loans and some things you should know about before starting the process. Read More
If you’re traveling across the country for business, Southwest is a convenient, budget-friendly airline—and one with an excellent business credit card offer.

We’ll review the Southwest Business Credit Card, rank it against other travel cards, and help you decide which business credit card is ri Read More
A term loan is what most people think of when they think of business lending. They are loans with a set repayment time, set number of payments, and have a fixed or variable interest rate. Read More
It's the nature of business to be cyclical. This means your company's cash flow will find their own high and low points as well, throughout the seasons and throughout the years. Will you make it from this ebb to the next flow? Read More
When you’re running a business, your income statement (a.k.a. your profit and loss statement, a.k.a. “How much money did I make?” statement) is the financial statement you’re most familiar with.

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As the new year starts, I am starting to reengage with co-investors, as well as reaching out to accelerators and other investors with whom I have not had a relationship with in the past. Those two efforts have highlighted to me how difficult it is for investors to find appropriate deal flow, and ho Read More

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