Yes, I’ve read them. The stories are everywhere. The economy is struggling and so are small businesses. Perhaps The Great Recession is over but the economy is soft to say the least. Bank loans are tough to come by. Non-bank finance lending is way down – actually they are at their lowest levels Read More
Unbeknownst to you, and for almost a decade in some cases, the banks have been playing a little game behind the scenes. It just so happens that the game that’s being played is with your money. Read More
What else am I (cautiously) optimistic about? Small business lending is slowly beginning to come back. About 15 months ago we heard from Bank of America that they planned to hire 1000 people primarily dedicated to the small business sector by 2012. Read More
Much has been said over the years about the 5 C’s of lending. In fact, in some circles the talk is about the 4 C’s of lending, and yet others, including Wikipedia, refer to them as the 6 C’s of lending. But regardless of how they are categorized, let’s discuss what they are and how they apply to s Read More
What exactly is a Zidisha Loan? This is a peer to peer loan meaning it’s given by your fellow peers in businesses who understand the challenges of starting and funding a business. This is an online based loan platform that gives people who want to lend money at a small fee meet with borrowers who w Read More
We’ve been hearing about increased confidence in small business and, if you’re like me, you want to believe it - but you’re suspicious, too. How do we really know if things are getting better? How do we really know if lending is beginning to open up for small businesses? Read More
I mentioned this article to someone recently who was surprised at the limited number of debt options for startup companies. I asked her to do some research and encouraged her to come on and comment on the story if she has some other suggestions. It’s not that we’re discussing the “only” debt opti Read More
There’s good and bad news to share about startup financing for a small business. Keep in mind, we are only looking at debt options so think of loans and lines of credit that you pay back to a lender. We are not looking at any equity solutions such as angel investors, venture capital, etc. The go Read More
According to the SBA, 90% of our nations small businesses are family owned. Of course, “family owned” does not always mean it’s a husband & wife team but many of them are as referenced here. We all know that small business owners need capital today as bad or worse than ever. We’re not here to co Read More
These are the five biggest mistakes we’ve seen since the onset of the credit crisis in 2008:
1. Using Personal Credit Cards for Your Business
2. Using Borrowed Funds the Wrong Way
3. Pledging Excessive Collateral With Your First Loan or Line of Credit
4. Doing Your Own Research and Getting It W Read More

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