Crowdfunding is a social media driven marketing mechanism that uses the collective efforts of people to market and fund projects or businesses by creating an online community of people that combine their resources to support and grow projects and businesses. This concept was embodied in the 2012 re Read More
The crowdinvestor is a new type of individual engaging in early-stage funding of unquoted companies via equity crowdfunding portals. Previously, non-accredited or inexperienced investors were prevented by legislation from investing money into unquoted businesses. Read More
Find out which are the top crowdfunding platforms and how they can help you raise capital for your business. Read More
By the end of a campaign, supposing you’ve adamantly updated and promoted throughout, you will have a bank of crowdfunding content sitting somewhere on the web. When you enter the post-crowdfunding stage, consider how you might update and repurpose these old articles, images, and videos to increase Read More
At the time of writing the Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! Kickstarter campaign has just closed with a new record of 105,857 backers and is #5 on the list of highest funded campaigns on the site with over 5.4 million dollars pledged. One could write a plethora of articles on Read More
For years, developers and programmers have crowdfunded apps. But let’s spin this around and consider using apps to crowdfund – at least this is what Indiegogo now proposes. Following YouTube’s announcement earlier this week, it seems that this summer has lots in-store for us. Adding to the stock, I Read More
Like any successful business venture, a crowdfunding campaign too requires equal amount of preparation and promotion. In fact, if a crowdfunding campaign is successful, then it paves the way for success in future. Hence, it becomes quite crucial for the project creators to create a proper marketing Read More
A Crowdfunding campaign gives you a foolproof solution to all the monetary issues you could face with a start up venture. Right from the financial aid required for a start-up, to building a client base, or marketing and advertising for your venture; crowdfunding is the most effective method. In sim Read More
Crowdfunding integration will mean a lot to creators and supporters alike because it keeps things native. In other words, it stops channels from going to other non-specialized websites for funding. For those with many subscribers, this will help immensely with promotion, particularly since YouTube Read More
Not too long ago, undergrad students and post-graduates realized crowdfunding could solve their financial woes. Today, with student debt reaching incredible highs, crowdfunding personal projects simply makes sense. Many institutions have identified this tendency and offer courses on competitive cro Read More

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The Internet marketing bug bit Ti Roberts early on. Since then, she has come a long way, honing her marketing … More
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