Do you want to make millions online? Read this article and discover how to make your own millions online using the secrets only some people know about. Read More
When attempting to access venture capital, there are certain things that need to be in place to be considered. Below, I’ve outlined what 99.9% of venture capitalists are going to look at when it comes to determining wheher or not a loan will be issued. Here are the 6 requirements to move forward wi Read More
Pitching to each group (angel investors, business buyer) requires similar skills but a completely different focus and packaging. However, the actual pitch requires a completely different focus and packaging. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to convey this difference to business owners who are consum Read More
Cash-strapped entrepreneurs may have a hard time getting their hands on outside financing. Fearing defaults, many banks balk at extending loans to companies that lack proven track records. As a result, small business owners often turn to their family and friends to help them launch their companies. Read More
Raising capital is challenging and time consuming. If you take these ten steps, you will be better prepared to be successful in the capital investment round of funding. Read More
Kevin Harrrington, Principal at Ventury Capital and Star from TV's Hitshow, Sharktank and Nick Bentley, President/Co Founder of Ventury Capital are helping thousands of business owners access capital. With multiple funding programs, there's a fit for business owners in any situation. Read More
Small businesses continue getting loans approved by big banks, and in record numbers.
Hitting its highest point since the end of the Great Recession, the loan approval rate for small businesses at big banks reached 21.5 percent in February.
That’s according to the February 2015 Biz2Credit Small B Read More
I responded to a quote request from a journalist regarding women, women-owned businesses and venture capital. Here is my full response: Women cannot shun the ask. Prepare your elevator speech and know it inside and out and share this with everyone; do not self-select. Read More
Whether or not you’re raising money for your business, getting advice from venture capitalists can be invaluable. But, getting in the doors of a Sand Hill Road VC in Silicon Valley can be an incredibly difficult undertaking. Fortunately, many of the top VCs share their thoughts on their blogs. Read More
A list of 101 business funding sources in the following categories:

1 Self Funded
2 Banks
4 Grants
5 Alternative lenders
6 Commercial Finance
7 Brokers
8 Business Credit Cards
9 Working Capital Financing
10 Equity
11 Oth Read More

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