By Emily Trant

Routinely using an overdraft can seem like an unavoidable option as far as many small businesses are concerned. However, there are alternatives if you’re worried by the costs or potential consequences associated with an overdraft.

Here’s 4 of the best: Read More
In today’s business climate, there are literally hundreds of ways to fundraise, and the journey is usually far more complex and daunting that simply soliciting a loan from your favorite rich uncle.

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By David Drake Read More
There are a variety of extremely well ran businesses that will never make it to an Initial Public Offering. A small fraction of ownership in these lifestyle businesses will rarely ever turn into a multi-million dollar investment, and thus would not make sense as an equity investment. At the same ti Read More
Startups in need of capital commonly depart with 10% to 30% equity. Sundry factors determine where in this range a startup falls, but the minority-majority dynamic almost always comes into play. For royalty crowdfunding, however, ownership is not much of a concern. Instead, projects calculate their Read More
Market forecasters see crowdfunding as an industry in its infancy. Despite drastic growth over the past few years, it still holds massive potential. As long as someone needs capital, crowdfunding will prosper. It combines the creative, the professional, and the social, and does so in an accessible Read More
Crowdfunding perks, sometimes called incentives or rewards, present value to supporters. Commonly, projects arrange a series of six to nine representative rewards – those that reflect their brand or concept. Of all the planning stages, this is among the most distracting. Read More
Crowdfunding: Getting the Crowd to Fund Your Business - Equity vs. Perks
Have you heard the term “crowdfunding” but do not really know what it is? Read More
As the crowdlending industry matures, competition grows fiercer between applicants and investors. This means that candidates must do more than just apply for an online loan; they need to market themselves persuasively to attract the right attention. Doing so requires a basic understanding of rhetor Read More
When it comes to saving money and investing for your future, check out this helpful guide on picking and choosing assets with your end goal in mind. Read More

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