There are plenty of reasons why you might want to take out a business credit card: you can simplify your bookkeeping, cushion your cash flow, and establish and improve your business credit, to name just a few.

Our latest credit card posts examines the best business credit cards for cash back — l Read More
When your small business is struggling, the thought of raising money feels like a life preserver. That possible infusion of cash is a beacon of hope, the thing you can work on tirelessly. It's the one thing that appears as... Read More
How to get a term sheet for an investment? Start with a great investor presentation.

The investor presentation is the most important document you will ever need to create for your company. It will most likely be one of the first impressions that potential investors would have about your company. Read More
Say you already have a line of credit for your business and you’re enjoying its many benefits, though. You might want to have an even bigger pile of cash on hand to use whenever you need it.

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What are VC term sheets and what are the components of them? Find the answer in this guide for the beginners in Venture Capital (VC) funding. Read More
As part of our Summer Credit Card series, we’ve created the ultimate guide to American Express’s Blue for Business Credit Card. We’ll walk-through the pros and cons of this business credit card.

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What do you do when your business is suffering because of outstanding invoices? Invoice financing is one option for your business. We walk through what you need to know about all the options out there. Read More
However, getting the right source of capital is a bit more complex and difficult. Each source of capital has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Below are top 7 most reliable ways you can effectively raise capital to finance your new startup... Read More
Curious about how a criminal record affects your chance of getting a loan? We discuss how different lenders look at your past when applying for financing. Read More
Min Fang, the Co-founder of Harper Partners, shares the ins-and-outs of alternative business funding methods in our First Edition of Expert Q&A interview. Read More

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