While Digital PR offers what Traditional PR does (albeit to an online audience), it also simultaneously offers excellent online visibility benefits when effectively executed.
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Doing business on the web requires that the firm reap the benefits of virtually any and also just about every chance to talk to consumers. Social websites web sites let larger reach than ever before, together with targeted devices that virtually ensure your own company’s information is usually acqu Read More
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Anyone who works in PR will know that it can be a tough game at times. Over the years I have come up with a few ways that help me to stay positive, these may or may not work for others, but they often work for me and so I thought I would share…. Read More
After spending two days circulating, speed networking and chatting to people on the stand, they each came back having learned a lot about what they did and didn’t already know about the art of networking. Here are their five top tips to help you network like a pro. Read More
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