Public Relations (PR) and Content Marketing are two very related work but are entirely different from each other in terms of usage, cost, reach and success measurement. At the same time, PR and content marketing basically have the same end goal: relay brand’s message to the public. To fully underst Read More
Congratulations! You made sure that reporters can reach you, you strategized reasons for them to want to talk with you, and now you have an interview lined up with a journalist from a relevant media outlet. Many companies never make it this far, so you’ve accomplished quite a bit. Now all you have Read More
If somebody is looking from a business perspective, case studies from clients can prove to be extremely beneficial for the former. The problem, however, lies in the fact that clients find it hard to manage sufficient time in giving them out to those who want. Read More
In recent years, there has been an increasing convergence of PR, Digital Marketing (especially content marketing) and SEO as companies shift towards inbound marketing. This has given birth to Digital (or online) PR, which, whilst still maintaining a brand’s public perception, has seen Public Relati Read More
Reporters absolutely love real thought leaders: smart people who offer surprising and useful insights. But true leadership is quite hard to find. If you make it easy for the media to catch your execs being brilliant, your business may well benefit. Read More
The most persuasive kind of publicity is media coverage. Free media is more valuable than almost any kind of marketing, except word of mouth, because it lets you tell the world the value of your offerings, and it comes with the validation of a third party (the publication). Nowhere is press coverag Read More
For people who seek coaching as a support, there comes a time when they realize that they are in need of someone to help us get past their current position in life. View this presentation to know about core values and life coaching. Read More
Branding is an important element in any marketing campaign, especially small business. Small businesses are at risk from globalization, so creating a strong brand name is a great tactic to stand out from the crowd. Read More
Starting from writing grammatically correct posts and ending with qualitatively made shots, everything should be done perfect! In this post, we will share with you the basic tips on how to become visible on Instagram. Apply them to your account, and you’ll notice positive changes very soon. Read More
Smart people use conferences as an opportunity to extend their network. While keynote speeches and panels can be inspiring and informative, there is rarely enough time to impart in-depth knowledge.
Conferences should be where you expand your network: they’re full of like-minded individuals from yo Read More

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