These must-have powerful invoicing tools come with different kinds of templates and inbuilt tools to make your invoices look great and professional. They even offer tools to automatically send the invoice out. Read More
Videos can bring your product to life. They are powerful tools that can help you engage shoppers and drive conversions. The problem: they are still one of the most under-utilized ecommerce strategies.
Producing quality videos for your ecommerce site can be expensive and time consuming. Many ecomme Read More
UK project management consulting co. asked Elegant MicroWeb to develop a solution to manage communication and administration for redundancy and resettlement. Read More
Plug n' play predictive analysis creates Citizen Data Scientists by letting users leverage predictive algorithms without the skills of a trained data scientist. Read More
The market today has numerous heavy-duty sewing machines, but the following sewing machines come with great features and the customers can’t keep calm. The fans have buzzed about them, and we are also hooked. Read More
Today we decided to compile a list of 10 Best Rated Sewing Machines for 2017 that you can buy affordable price in U.S. Feedback from the users who used the machine for long periods is the best thing you could ask for, before buying a sewing machine. Read More
Picking the right tech for your business is like making a salad. First, you need to choose a quality vegetable. One that can stand alone as a piece of quality produce. Second, you also need to make sure that your vegetables work together as part of your mixed salad. Each vegetable needs to add some Read More
free Presentation templates by to use for your next business presentation. templates are free to download, edit and use. also templates has support for MS Power Point ....... Read More
BI tools must allow users to quickly view data displays in a dashboards and then dive into data discovery and analysis (all in the same environment). Without these flexible, accessible Deep Dive Analytics tools, business users are reduced to the old, frustrating, 'look, but don't touch' scenario, a Read More
It's No Coincidence That Top Apps Use Enhanced Screenshots. Use this handy free tool to mock-up your app for perfect app store imagery. Read More

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