Yesterday, Amazon updated its Kindle Fire line of tablets with the launch of the Fire HDX. Alongside the tablet, Amazon announced an exciting and revolutionary customer support tool called Mayday. The Fire HDX has some interesting features, but few are going to buy it over a Nexus 7 or iPad Mini (i Read More
If you're in India and you want to take your business online, here is a service that can help you. Finally, a business-oriented online service that is geared towards Indian small business owners. Read More
Zoho is releasing a CRM platform. You get it for free at the beginning and then you get to pay as low as $1 a month. Learn more about it here. Read More
When you decide to have a webinar it's important to know why you're having it and what your goals are in having it. You must know who your target audience is. Read More
Small business owners can greatly expand their businesses with the addition of an e-commerce site to their digital presences. However, in order to avoid biting off more than they can chew, business owners should ensure that they have the infrastructure set up to deal with the increased business tha Read More
A firm grasp of pricing is absolutely essential for small business owners in every industry. A combination of market research and an understanding of cash flows will make the difference between a profitable business and undercutting yourself. Read More
I am pleased to announce another wonderful cash giveaway here at As you may have known, I keep contests and giveaways here on a regular basis. This is another wonderful giveaway that you can enter and stand a chance Read More
I made the pizza di cioccolata e nocciole in two phases – the chocolate-hazelnut spread was the result of a lazy, rainy weekend afternoon, when toasting hazelnuts and melting chocolate seemed the perfect counterpoint to torrential rain and a mild case of cabin fever. My food processor was put to go Read More
Learn how to use Google authorship on multi-authored WordPress blog with Jetpack plugin and how to embed Facebook updates on WordPress using Jetpack WP plugin. Read More
Many businesses have saved time and money by going paperless. Until recently, documents requiring signatures have had to largely rely on the archaic methods of printing, faxing and even mailing or shipping paperwork. Fortunately, many small businesses are now discovering great benefits using electr Read More

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