When considering the platform on which to publish your next ebook or from which to purchase your next business ebook or online magazine, it may be helpful to consider that Amazon is not your only option.
Kobo is a Toronto-based company that has been providing an open platform as well as it’s own e Read More
Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular for businesses in a variety of different industries. For those who want to look into getting their own mobile apps or even just building a more professional website, there’s iMOBDEV Technologies.
The company prides itself on providing technologically Read More
The Shopkeep app is an iPad point-of-sale (POS) system that claims to add simplicity and speed to sales functions SMBs need to effectively run and manage their operations.
The company boasts a comprehensive iPad POS system for small business owners that seems to come fully loaded with all the big Read More
Much of the plastic packaging we see in the grocery store can be recycled, from egg containers, to milk jugs, to butter tubs. But what about that thin plastic film stretched around wedges of manchego in the cheese bin or the 16-ounce rib-eye in the chiller case?
It turns out that kind of plastic i Read More
The first article in the Elegant Entrepreneur series focuses on the issues surrounding upper management decisions and the idea that the buck stops with YOU! Read More
Wondering how to become more productive? How to achieve more in less time? Here is How to Increase Productivity and Stay More Active In Business. Read More
Artificial light, and now information and communications technologies are some of the factors responsible for people sleeping less, so it is fitting ZEEQ is using the same technology claiming to offer better quality sleep.
For entrepreneurs, the product can be seen as a unique approach to serving Read More
In the sixth of this seven-article series, we will discuss the opportunities presented Citizen Data Scientists and the common market myth that claims an enterprise must employ professional data scientists in order to engage in predictive analysis. Read More
Social sites like LinkedIn are great for making connections and getting in touch with potential partners and prospects. But if you prefer to communicate with those connections directly via email, you might find it difficult to get in touch.
If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time searchi Read More
Placeit is an online mockup generator that allows you to place your image, screenshot and logo on to a specific image. Since all images are taken by their photographers and staff, it is highly unlikely you will find the same image on your competitors websites, unlike general stock images. Having so Read More

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