Already dropped the ball on your New Year’s resolution? Did you come back from the holidays to some less-than-stellar news?

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Employee engagement can improve productivity, reduce turnover, and more – and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Try these four ideas. Read More
Dubai over the years has risen from a mere arid desert to one of the world’s cosmopolitan cities. It has appeared into one of the most preferred tourist place on the list of visitors. Read More
McKinsey & Company invites female students and experienced professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017!

McKinsey passionately believes in developing outstanding female leaders. They do so every day, internally and with their c Read More
If you have been considering going to Chicago and starting to work there but at the same time there are several doubts that have been plaguing your mind owing to the fact that people are telling you innumerable negative things about the place, this article will help you in making a decision. Read More
Singapore is located on the tip of South East Asia and people love to stay and work in Singapore due to some of the common but true facilities that it imparts to its residents. Read More
Discussing about skyscrapers and skylines, New York isn’t behind. The spire that pierces the cloud which take in to account the Empire estate and Chrysler buildings are one aspect to be mentioned. Read More
Imagine you walk in a place that is messy and unorganized. It would give you a nasty feeling. Now imagine your office, where you spent nearly 10 hours of your day, looks filthy and disarrayed. It immediately makes you gloomy and anxious to get it cleaned as soon as possible. Read More
Are you attracting the best talent to your business? Do you utilise all available resources when it comes to your recruitment strategy? Read More
Everybody has a destiny to their names. They just need to know the way to achieve it.

I have been rejected so many times in the past few months. But somehow I don’t curse those moments.

For it was those moments of failure that taught me the most valuable lessons of my life.


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