So you have worked extremely hard in order to land a decent job. You have sent amazing cover letters, filled your resume with brilliant details of your past, you’ve been in touch with the recruiter and hiring manager and finally after a good while, you have found a job offer! Read More
To establish yourself in your organization and also for initiating a job hunt, almost all job seekers are paralyzed with fear. If you are in the process of job search, you must find out which fear is standing as a hindrance for your career. Read More
Unlike more traditional academic events, the 3E conference will focus on problems and questions rather than on ready-made solutions and presentations of research findings.

There is an explicit political agenda both at the national level and at the EU level to promote entrepreneurship education a Read More
Are you thinking about hiring an intern? Think again. Here are four legitimate reasons why an intern is not right for your business right now. Read More
Wanting to be an entrepreneur vs. being an entrepreneur is two different things. Knowing the difference between a wannapreneur and an entrepreneur matters. Read More
If you have natural writing skills, blog writing will come easy to you. However, if you find yourself struggling as a newbie in writing, count on the 10 tips that are provided here. Read More
You want your next step to be the right one. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. And now you’re ready to use your unique skills, talents and personality to achieve great things.

At RSM, you’ll be valued as an individual while interning with the firm. The company recognizes your accomp Read More
There’s no doubt that corporate volunteer and giving programs are now the centerpiece of many CSR programs. According to one survey by CECP, of 184 companies - including 63 of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500, 89% of companies had a formal domestic employee volunteer program and 94% of com Read More
As an insurance agent, some of the most important decisions you make involve choosing the right restoration contractors for the job. How can you be sure you’re getting the best? This article breaks down the facts. Read More
The longest holiday of the year is right around the corner, but for millions of American business owners, Thanksgiving can be disruptive to cash flow. With most of America taking time off to be with family and do some holiday shopping, taking any time off or even shutting down your business for a f Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Chris Farmer @CorporateCoachG Trains Your Team

If you feel your management style is lacking, Chris Farmer has some ideas for that. Ironically, it was another … More
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