What is more important to your daily productivity? A "to-do" list? Or perhaps a "NOT to-do" list? You may be surprised at how important a "not to-do" list is to getting more done. Read More
The Internet of Things offers great potential for organisations and societies, but we are still a long way away from a truly connected world. Read More
Some of these may surprise you but I believe everyone of them is a myth. Number 1? It’s all about profitability. It’s not. It’s about positive cash flow. You go bust through lack of cash, not profit. Read More
Can you really motivate someone? Perhaps, you utter the magic words "get motivated" and watch the rest fall into place? This article explores the 5 common mistakes made regarding motivating others and offers an alternative solution to motivating others. Read More
When people come to talk with me about patenting their inventive idea, inevitably this question arises: “How long will it take to get a patent?” When I tell them the patent approval process will probably take close to three years, their jaws drop in surprise. “Really, it’s going to take that long Read More
Growing a startup, one thing for certain is that everything is going to constantly feel urgent and important. We change that by prioritizing business tasks. Read More
My biggest concern about including honne and tatemae when explaining Japanese culture to non-Japanese is that it makes it sound like Japanese have a unique propensity to be liars...it can color the very way that people view the Japanese, and for that reason frankly I think it's quite dangerous. Read More
One of the first questions we ask anyone we meet is: “What do you do?” Our society places a great deal of importance on the work we do. In many cases, we let our jobs define us on a very basic level. Here’s what I mean: Read More
Does anyone besides MBA professors and consultants use SWOT?

Recently I came across a research done back in 1997 that empirically proved that SWOT does not work! It seems that SWOT is promoted as a must-use business tool in any MBA program, and numerous consultants are happy to sell it and its d Read More
When you have decided that offshore company formation is for you, your next step would be deciding on where you want to set up the company, and how. Read More

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