Inspiring event ideas from which you can learn to create an epic event that manages to generate plenty of excitement and interest. Read More
Worried about moving beyond your comfort zone with your content? Larry Kim explains why creating content outside your niche is a great idea for expanding your audience. Read More
Rather than dressing up for an interview nowadays many people have the misconception that they ought to dress down for an interview. Nowadays there is immense competition between companies and every organization wants to employ those employees who have the complete package and know how to dress well Read More
From the past so many years, it’s been the standard question and an advice to all job-seekers on business casuals or attires to wear at their job interview. Especially when things come on to women hiring, it is always on the top the way she is dressed up. There are many companies where every woman Read More
Greek is one of the official languages of the European Union where an estimated 15 million people speak this language. It is one of the oldest Indo-European languages with the longest documented history over more than 3000 years! Any linguist, whether professional or amateur, or folks who love to Read More
For many people, chemistry is a subject which is very interesting because it explains the process of our survival in matter of elements. And the real joy of the subject comes when we apply it, understand, and relate in real life. Chemistry acts as base for lots of innovation in scientific, medicina Read More
One of the most important relationships when looking from career aspect is boss – employee relationship. Read More

In every employee’s work life at times they think that they wouldn’t want their boss behind them for every single minute everyday in the workplace. When the boss or the manager is out travelling then the employees receive complaints at all times regarding last minute details and tasks to be Read More
The fact is that many employees do not satisfy the expectation of the employers and hence they are subject to immediate disciplinary action. Such employees are placed in a performance improvement plan (PIP). Read More
It offers the opportunity to centrally track, store and maintain information and documentation for buildings, properties, tenants and leases. It’s a truly valuable tool for real estate owners, MNCs, property management firms, the hospitality industry, the Government and military and educational cam Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

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