Sometimes you just cannot avoid getting negative restaurant reviews. You need to address those reviews, fast. The big question is: How to respond to them? Read More
Are there any elders in your family who are suffering from depression or who you feel have become low and subdued? Depression in the elderly is not uncommon and it can be treated successfully. To help the elderly people with depression, you need to know the general signs of depression and understa Read More
It might be stating the obvious to note that people around the world take a different approach to work. But often we inadvertently take a more narrow view. Here's a look at how values across different cultures can impact your working relationships. Read More
Author, of The Excellence Book: 50 ways to be your best, Kevin Duncan, advises on ways to be your best when it comes to approach. Read More
Here's A List Of Pages For Dealing With Difficult Employees

Topics covered include:

• 9 Ways To Deal With Difficult Employees
• Managing The Unmanageable: The 6 Most Common Types Of Difficult Employees
• Five Tips For Dealing With Difficult Employees
• 10 Difficult Workplace Personalities Read More
Let us explore some employee-motivation strategies to improve workplace morale and drive better outcomes for all - and a few to avoid at all costs. Read More
Here's Our List of Picks For Improving Customer Service

• How To Improve Your Company's Customer Service
• 7 Customer Service Tips To Help Sharpen Your Skills
• 6 Keys To Improving Your Team’s Customer Service Skills
• How To Improve Customer Service In "The Age Of The Customer" – Bold360
Read More
How exactly can freelancers make a lasting impact on your company? Read on for 4 reasons they're the right choice for strategic, niche projects. Read More
An Opportunity for Consultants to Expand Their Practice and Client Base

If you’re a consultant would you like to expand your expertise and increase your client base?

Would you like to be able to show clients how they can double or even triple their revenues in a year by utilizing small scale Read More
When your business is clean, your customers can focus on your products and service and are more likely to return. With the right cleaning products and a little daily cleaning time, you will turn your business into an organization that is trusted by customers and that employees love working for. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Adam Gottlieb @FrugalEntrepren Schools Businesses with Real Life Experience

While most other high school kids were simply worried about passing math and physics or finding a job for the summer, … More
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