We cannot manage a business effectively if we do not have in-depth understanding of where modern commerce challenges are.

With economies growing in scale and scope and a tremendous number of new ventures being born each day, the demand for superior managerial knowledge is only increasing. Read More
The change in work culture around the world has resulted in the fast growth of women in professional fields. Women are capable and wise. They are ambitious and have made their mark in all the fields. There are countless women today in all those fields that were once dominated by just men. Read More
I was about to start writing this article with the sentence “Every employer wants to be known as a cool boss”. But then I had a little think and realized that that can’t possibly be true.

After all, we’ve all known bosses who clearly don’t care what their employees think and seem to have made it Read More
Get 40% off the respected "Become a more confident instructional designer" online course.

Discover The Secrets Of Powerful Courses That Get Real-World Results And Delight Learners Read More
Mondays can be painful, especially after a sunny weekend or a holiday. Getting through the first day of the week can be difficult, but there’s a number of easy ways to make it easier, smoother and more productive. Read More
Given the frequently serious consequences of mental health problems for individuals and their loved ones, there is a strong moral case for businesses to prioritize mental health in the workplace. Moreover, a growing body of studies and polling data suggests there’s an equally strong economic case f Read More
Wanting to establish a business of your own? Want to become the best in your field? Want to shock everyone and make that change of a lifetime? If the answer is a yes, then this post is what you should be reading right now. Becoming an expert is not easy at all! Read More
You may be an individual who has applied for many jobs and interviewed in a number of places. You can be positioned in a desirable position where you are offered with many offers. Now it’s time to turn at least one of them down which is not very easy. Read More
I will say it because it has happened before! I have made huge mistakes as a recruiter earlier. What was worse is that I actually thought at one moment I was great and everything, I have done was right where the reality was the exact opposite. Read More
It’s all about putting as much of the focus on the actual job as possible. Anything that will make the job easier is going to increase efficiency. And when you have more efficient employees, you have super-employees!

Here are some of the area that can be aided most by the right technology. Read More

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