People are more concerned about their jobs more than any other aspect. To keep up things in the right tone and since we have recovered from recession, workaholics are busy all the time. By focusing more towards career, employees are missing out some important aspects in life. Read More
More, more! Faster, faster! It’s an easy trap to fall into: If only we work more or work faster, surely our results will improve, we tell ourselves. In fact, 89% of marketers are logging into work outside of their normal working hours.

Read More
We own businesses because we want to choose for ourselves. The majority of decisions made by a business owner every day are about NOT maximizing profits. That’s our privilege. Profitability is not the only reason we own businesses. Read More
When it comes to the quality and effectiveness of a team, there’s something to be said for the teambuilding process. When you hire each individual for your team, you need to keep their personalities in mind. Are they a good culture fit? Are they team players? Can they get along with the other membe Read More
When you donate to charity via your business, you will soon discover an array of benefits that come with the territory. There are so many reasons you should apply this tactic to your company. Read More
Stanford is now training business leaders in Africa to adapt the mindset needed to grow and scale their companies globally. And Mark Zuckerberg is finding and training top tech talents for the benefit of the continent. Read More
A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine asked me whether I thought teamwork was the solution for professional success.

At that time, I was studying teamwork in great detail since it was the focus of my research. I am a firm believer in collaboration and I will never miss a chance to support Read More
Maintaining meticulous records can save small business owners from time and effort as well as avoid legal troubles down the road. Read More
There are hundreds of tips that can help you run a business, but these quick 55 will literally skyrocket your business!

However, for that you still need to follow them after reading. Read More
One of the benefits of being a Work at Home Woman is that most anything I need is at my fingertips. I have my home office, which is adequately outfitted with the technology and tools I need. And, naturally, since I work at home, any personal item I might need is a short stroll away in another part Read More

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