Continuing our series from what was started here: What’s Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1, we will be featuring Blogger Roxana Nasoi. Read More
If you're planning on doing business in China, you'll need to be prepared. While taking your business overseas can present exciting opportunities, an unfamiliar business environment brings new challenges as well. Do you know how to overcome these expat obstacles? Read More
Keeping track of all the changes in the vast world of SEO is difficult. You might finally get the hang of one SEO strategy, only to learn that it’s outdated or now forbidden by Google, and you have to learn a whole new strategy.

We wanted to know what to expect from SEO in the future, so we reac Read More
Your content has an expiration date. In general, 95 percent of the content you create will get most of its traffic within the first two to three days of publishing. Read More
When you’re running a successful company, there can be a tendency to stick with tried-and-tested products and services that have us successful in the past. While it is true that businesses should remain true to their core values (for instance, a passion for providing to customer service, an interes Read More
The first time reputation management became used in the business world was as part of human resource strategies. Essentially, it concerns itself with promotion or influencing how a company or individual comes across. Because everything is now online, and with the advent of SEO (Search Engine Optimi Read More
Hello readers, Kharim here… Yes the owner of this awesome blog.

As you have seen and may have known that I haven’t been on my blog for quite some time now. I have always been around though because there have been posts coming on my blog every now and then. Most of those posts are guest posts but Read More
So you’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant? Great! But how do you know when you’ve chosen the right VA for your business? Since there are plenty of different functions that VAs can serve, there are so many different ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a VA. But there are a few clear-cut ways t Read More
Anyone who works in the corporate sector will vouch for the fact that when working on a project, time simply flies by and keeping track of things becomes very difficult. One of the most challenging tasks in any company is trying to keep a track of how the employees are spending their time. Read More
One should start with getting their mind set to a fixed thing which can help them focus better. One should prepare well before the interview. It is necessary to be professional and confident. They observe not only skill sets, but also they check body language. Do not show your tension in interview, Read More

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