Looking for skilled workers for your company? Sometimes, you cannot even get the right person from your employees. This is why you will need to go online. But before you hit those freelancing websites, here are some places where you just might find the right writer for your website. Read More
Are you enabling your own failure? We all want to believe otherwise, but here are the three worst things you may be doing that could be holding you back from reaching your goals. Read More
I share a little insight on the differences between fundamental and specialized knowledge. I explain why there is an ever increasing demand for niche intellectual property. Read More
If you want to get ahead with the new realities facing many today, you need to develop some new characteristics. Michael Stewart, writing for the Huffington Post, offers 4 characteristics that can help you move forward in your career: Read More
Although this was written for Realtors, the motivational tips apply to all small business owners. Check it out for a pick me up and a boost of confidence! Read More
We always want to have more experience than what our clients expect. And much of the time we can forget how much experience and knowledge we've collected over the years, focusing our expertise by when we started our business. But our knowledge base and understanding extends much further than that Read More
For many business players, business leadership skills come naturally – it’s a fixed attitude, a zest and an eloquently executed sport. Yet, for hopeful leaders and even some with years of experience, taking command at the top isn’t so innate.

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In order to effectively lead a small team, a leader should avoid these five leadership strategies that reduce and prevent team member productivity. Read More
Leaders make up a tiny percentage of any healthy workforce but an even smaller sliver of that group goes on to become an exceptional leader. According to landmark cosmetics company Mary Kay, only 2 percent of their massive sales team reaches the coveted level of director. That's the first rung in t Read More
What is more important to your daily productivity? A "to-do" list? Or perhaps a "NOT to-do" list? You may be surprised at how important a "not to-do" list is to getting more done. Read More

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