Imagine a bunch of NFL players running around on a field made of taffy. That was almost the case this Sunday during the league’s annual Hall of Fame Game, the traditional kickoff to pre-season football.
The unfortunate field conditions came as a result of using the wrong paint. And so the field be Read More
Building a team with great people has always been the key to a successful business. To achieve this, some companies recruit superstars from their competitors or similar industries where their skills are transferable.
Unfortunately, like in sports, there are many examples where these business super Read More
In the past, companies have created their employee motivation programmes on the assumption that all employees are motivated by the same things. Those ‘things’ might have varied company to company but within each business the offering was based on a fairly narrow and quite prescriptive approach to m Read More
Nellie Akalp, CEO of, shares insight on an Intent to Use trademark application and if you need to file one for your small business. Read More
Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Run out of cash, and you’re dead in the water. Here's how to understand your Cash Flow Statement, and keep your business alive. Read More
If your small business is the victim of a phishing scam, then your critical data—as well as personal information about your customers—could be at risk. Of course, that’s why cybercriminals target some small businesses, hoping to get customer credit card and banking information.

Read More
If images are the snacks of the internet, and articles are the main course, then infographics are somewhere in between. A light brunch, if you will. Packed with sustenance, but digestible enough to get down in a short period of time. Read More
Our Reservation / Resource Manager module provides turnkey solutions for managing the Room Booking / scheduling and management of your facility’s shared spaces efficiently. Our clients range from colleges and universities to Banks to ITES companies and convention centers. Read More
The summer Olympic Games in full swing in Rio. And, while I don’t have a keen interest in watching, I do find it interesting how these athletes prepare for the games. The principals athletes employ to train for the Olympics could be carried over to how we ‘train’ for life. Read More
Running a successful business can be time consuming. So that means you should look for ways to save time on business tasks wherever possible. Members of our small business community have found some of the best ways to save time and get more done. Check out some of their top tips in the list below. Read More

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