Group testing as the name implies, it is about examining an individual by a whole group. The test administered by a large group at one time is known as group testing.

The group test is mainly done to meet the practical need. These were designed as mass testing instruments. The group testing not Read More
Success of an organization irrespective of the any field depends on the strength of the employees. Employees are the backbone of the organization who hugely contributes physically as well as mentally to run an organization successfully. In order to motivate them and encourage them to work more effi Read More
With HR and CSR leaders increasingly aware that strong corporate volunteer and giving programs are an essential part of a positive employee experience, the question on everyone’s minds is: but how can I get employees to actually participate? Read More
Here is list of fleet management tips that will help you manage a reliable and efficient fleet that does not hemorrhage money. Read More
Community events can be a great opportunity for you to reach an audience that you otherwise would not have the ability to come in contact with. Read More
Does your design job post cover everything it should to attract the best freelance designer for your project? Here's a helpful checklist of everything you might want to include in a design job post. Read More
As employees, everyone wants to work under cooperative managers, who are supportive and are helpful. But unfortunately, that is often not the case. You may have to work under a manager who is tough with you, even if you have completed your tasks with perfection. The following mentioned are few thin Read More
We as working individuals, face a hectic schedule at work for most of the days. This calls for large amounts of time spent in front of the computer, stress and being tired and fatigued by the end of the day. Hence, we have to take care and ensure that such amount of work will not affect our health. Read More
The Cambridge dictionary defines integrated HR as the process of combining all the systems that helps in managing and using human resources in a business so they work effectively together for the best results. Pay roll is defined as the list of the company employees stating what their company desig Read More
CSR managers are always bemoaning the challenges of elevating participation in their volunteer and giving programs, and for good reason. Average participation rates for these programs are low, and that has a lot to do with the limited resources and attention that’s dedicated to most corporate volun Read More

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