While we are looking for permanent job, most of us tend to go for some kind of a temporary job, so that money keeps flowing in. It is mainly done because the job security is not that easy to come by, instead they are limited. Read More
Many job applicants prepare well for the interview and answer all job-related and technical questions in the best manner. The interviewer then uses his trump card by asking a question that appears truly insignificant to the job applicant. Read More
There are several job opportunities in any locality. Generally, individuals tend to clear the qualifying entrance exams for a job, but fail to progress in the interview rounds. Read More
Lidyr University is pleased to announce their summer course list. This workshop series provides practical training for entrepreneurs and small business owners through one-day workshops, taught by leading industry professionals. Read More
Traveling can be stressful. Even the most relaxing business event or vacation can start with a tense, nerve-wracking trip. But there are ways you can make your trip easier. Below is are travel hacks for packing and tips for an enjoyable, stress-free journey. Read More
One of the most common family business challenges is the fact that the family and the employees are stuck in their comfort zone. Read More
What is the acceptable number of hours to work in an average week and still maintain a healthy work/life balance? Read More
If you decided to become a professional singer, you’d have an endless supply of teachers to choose from. But who do you think would be most effective in helping you – a friend who is “passionate about music” and “knows a lot about singing”? Or Seal? There’s a huge difference between outsider knowle Read More
Not long ago, Nicolae Tanase, founder of Excellence Reporter asked me to share some thoughts about the “Meaning of Life” project!

The task was simple and include the answer to just one question: “What is the meaning of life?“.

Here is my answer!

From here, I would also like to thank Nicola Read More
I was on the road, again, in a small cafe, reading my notes for my next meeting. In an odd moment, my eyes gaze to the surrounding trying to catch a moment of relax. Unconsciously I start observing the people around me, trying to focus at what I had to do next. Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

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Please Welcome Chris Hamilton, "Contributor of the Week"

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