You may know a lot of things about your life. But still there are a lot more things you don’t know. The biggest truth of your knowledge is that you don’t know everything about the things you think you know everything. Read More
People change jobs regularly, and for many different reasons. Better job offers, relocation and ‘just trying something new’ are all valid reasons for an employee to hand in their notice.
But what about the ‘negative’ reasons that cause employees to leave? These are the reasons that could be preve Read More
We have had a few conversations in the office recently about whether we should stand at our desks.
There are many individual reasons why this subject has been discussed, such as the increased risks of developing heart conditions or diabetes.
As a result we have noted many positives about spendi Read More
Sometimes disasters do strike when people least expect it, so I've talked about some things brides should be careful of on their big day. Read More
This is an interesting article about business growth and some of the widely held misconceptions around it. There is a solid strategy that works. Read More
Steve suffers from a very bad case of foot-in-mouth disease as we saw numerous times. The first time is early on when he mimics Marcus. It took me back to high school. Another time is when he responds sarcastically to a 10 year old girl who dared to point out that one of the toys is confusing. Get Read More
New series at the Capitalist: The Top 100 Movie Quotes of all time for HR Pros. In no special order, I break down the 100 movie quotes that resonate most for me as a career HR pro. Some will be... Read More
Trust is the foundation of a healthy workplace. But an HR Bartender reader asks how to hire trustworthy employees and how to build trust at work. Read More
Technology helps us be more productive. But it can also require employees to always be “on” – even outside of work hours. Employee burnout issues. Read More
What can you do if an employee takes a lot of very long bathroom breaks? How many should they get? An HR Bartender readers asked the question. Read More

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