Running a business is tough stuff. You need to maintain your confidence or you'll get easily discouraged when is no good for you, your business or your team. Brad shares his best 8 tips on how to build your confidence so you can run your business better! Read More
Laziness doesn't need to be regarded as an innate quality, and through some perspective and personal goal setting, you can banish the idea of yourself as being lazy for good. That is, if you want to. Read More
Whether it is sexual harassment, a pay dispute or wrangling over hours, here are a few ways to stop discrimination in your workplace. Read More
Do your employees care about every project as if they have a stake in the company? They should. Here's why ownership mentality matters, and how to spot it. Read More
In this article, I was inspired by one of my readers, who asked me: "How do I get back to a place of believing that I can? With all of the personal setbacks, I've kinda lost my belief in myself.” So, discover my step-by-step process to regaining your self-confidence even when it feels you have tota Read More
Who wouldn't want this week to be the most productive week ever? I've tried all 9 of these things and I share my experiences with them after each tip. Read More
Invoice finance can help your business if you suffer cash flow problems from slow paying customers. Find out the differences between invoice factoring and invoice discounting and what could be the best route for your business. Read More
If you find yourself often wishing you had more time – or thinking ‘I would be happy if I could only get more done!’ – this podcast will be talking to you! Lain Ehmann, the incredible Productivity and Mindset Coach, is my awesome guest host. Read More
Feeling the crunch and still need to find affordable gifts for clients, customers or business partners? This is your guide to budget business gifts under $25. Read More
Managing a business is already tough, and for those who have a distractible nature, it can be even more difficult to get through some of the more tedious moments. Fortunately, through managing distraction and strategically delegating tasks, productivity can still be held to a high standard. Read More

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