How can freelancers get good job offers on freelance marketplaces? Here are 5 creative ways freelancers can convince potential clients to get more freelance jobs Read More
It’s not impossible for small businesses to offer employee perks. In fact, there are some you absolutely need to have (you can afford them, we promise). Read More
While some businesses may have already hired extra staff for the summer, others are still in the throes of interviewing and reference checking. Hiring seasonal workers can be a stressful task for a business owner, but using these five tips can make it easier. Read More
More the time we spend with our family, the stronger is the bonding. Right? However, our modern lifestyle leaves us with little or no time for interactions within the family, leave alone quality time. Then how do we create family time in our daily life? One solution is to dedicate some area in the Read More
A learning plan is a structure of individual development that links the organization’s needs with the needs of individual employees. Here's how to create one.
Read More
Skype has now become a verb. Many schools and institutions are conducting students and parents interviews on Skype. Not only this, almost 42% companies use Skype or video interviewing in the hiring procedure. In fact, many A-lister organizations conduct first round interview on Skype, especially fo Read More
This gives a basic introduction to how our minds distract us. It's a dramatic way to see why mindfulness is essential for doing anything efficiently in business or in any context. Without mindfulness, we're likely to be responding to irrelevancies. Read More
Are you a blogger who offers a service? Are you a freelancer or a consultant? When you offer any kind of service it is very important that you spell out what the customer expects from you and what you expect from the customer. Doing so, makes sure everything goes smoothly and there are no conflicts Read More
From missed deadlines to widespread cyber attacks, things go wrong in businesses all the time. The vast majority of problems, however, are caused by following bad processes. Processes might be vital to your business’ success, but unchecked they can just as easily cause you to fail.
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The HR not only looks upon your qualifications and accomplishments; they also look for individuals who best suit the organization’s mission and vision. Aside from verbal questions, they may also require you to take aptitude tests to have a measure of your apprehension on certain criteria. While you Read More

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