Boosting your Customer Support to higher levels is key for companies who want to not only survive, but who aim to thrive as well. Read More
Today, more than 50% of all employees across the world are facing various health issues that are related to stress at the workplace. Facility management software can play a vital role in reducing workplace stress and improving productivity. Read More
Appreciation is one of the principal motivators for any employee at his or her workplace. Appreciation drives employees to work sincerely and to be more dedicated to their employers. Read More
Spanish like any other language is to be dealt with patience and care. It usually takes years of practice to master. However if you are not a native of Spain and yet you have the desire to learn the language then there are few techniques you can bank on to help you along the way. You will be happy Read More
The third Latin American Slot Summit is to be held in Mendoza, Argentina, the largest gaming market in Latin America!

Mendoza is a vibrant city that sits at the heart of Argentina’s wine country. Filled with modern and art deco influences, Mendoza promises to be the ideal setting for the next La Read More
The Forbes magazine has recently published an article that highlighted entrepreneurship among millennials in Africa and the strides that the continent is making in a number of different industries.

Africa, according to the article, has, “an incredible wave of entrepreneurship transforming econom Read More
A New Jersey woman is suing Taco Bell for discrimination. The woman, who is deaf, allegedly visited two separate Taco Bell locations and tried to order by handing employees a piece of paper with her order written on it.
In one situation, the woman said she was berated by the manager and told that Read More
All of us recognize that we have pressure in our lives. There are plenty of resources (to-do lists, productivity apps, Gantt charts, Post-It Notes, etc.) to deal with that. There are certain times, however, when we need a new level of productivity, when we need to perform in a situation where the s Read More
It’s amazing how few bloggers around do this one thing. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that have produced growth for some of us today.

I have a lot of blogging friends and some of them are doing this same thing and seeing a lot of success in it. Peter Beckenham, the remote Thai vil Read More
Continuing our series from what was started here: What’s Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1, we will be featuring Blogger Roxana Nasoi. Read More

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