If email ever overwhelms you or steals too much of your time, you need to read this article. Here are simple email hacks you can use to get your time back. Read More
Ideas don't always come at the most convenient times. Here are 5 ways to handle one of those ideas that comes to you when you are least expecting it. Read More
Technology’s moving faster than ever and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. The future is now and HR should be ready, here’s some things to prepare for. Read More
In the United States, there are four (4) principal ways in which a person or business can protect intellectual property, however, not all types of protection are available for all property types. This infographic briefly describes each of the four (4) principal types of intellectual property protec Read More
Business conferences and events are more technologically advanced than ever. If you’re hosting an event, there are so many different methods you can use to learn about the attendees and connect with them. And you can use CRM to gather information and organize it in a way that can benefit your busin Read More
In the event that your business falls victim to an unexpected disaster, having a plan in place that can allow you to respond quickly and effectively can make the difference between a recovery and permanent damage. Read More
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The 30 minute rule is a rule I use in my online businesses - but can and SHOULD be implemented in all businesses - online or offline.

This simple strategy will help increase the productivity and accountability of any enterprise, especially those that are judged on a time sensitive basis. Read More
Collecting money from some clients can be like like trying to pull porcupine quills out of your dog's nose. Check out this explainer vid to see how you can use the nice-guy approach to keep on top of, and collect money for their designer clients. Read More

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