Any successful organization, irrespective of the genre should have a good work force. In previous decades, workforce had age diversity, but now it seems more increasing due to the various factors like matured professionals are ready to work till late 60’s and younger generations have started taking Read More
Writing letter is slowly becoming a lost art. The increasing pace of life has robbed us the pleasure of sitting with a pen and pouring our hearts down on paper. We rarely take time to write nowadays. We don’t even jot down few sentences of appreciation. However, letters in any form holds a special Read More
Writing a statement of purpose to continue one’s further study is one of the hardest parts of any grad student. Students who want to continue their further studies need to write a statement of purpose statistics which includes all exact information about the educational qualification, career goals Read More
Every creative professional and entrepreneur need ways to refuel and renew themselves throughout the day. This simple yet powerful exercise enhances your energy, mental clarity, and productivity ... in less than 10 minutes.

Read More
Are you a business owner? Regardless of how small your business is, a business lawyer is the only person who can help you with your business legal requirements, disputes and litigation. Having a business lawyer puts you in a better position just in case you face a situation that calls for legal act Read More
Internal auditing can help businesses in ensuring that they are performing at the highest level. Auditing, therefore, is important for several reasons. Read More
Looking for fresh ideas (and maybe some inspiration for 2017)? We have picked out three great TED Talks on hiring and leadership. Read More
Don’t you think at some point of our lives we have been there? You look up online to make some business contacts, to learn about new and successful companies, some interviewers and the only information you are able to come up with is a LinkedIn profile. Read More
A job interview is considered as the second phase for obtaining a job. It is a session where the job questers are to impress the recruiters in order to gain a job. Whether you make up or break the opportunity given to you depend on the performance that you present in the interview session. Read More
Interview is the last hurdle a job seeker needs to cross. After several levels of tests, examinations and selection processes, a candidate is shortlisted to appear for the job interview. Candidates need to make a lasting impression on the interviewers to get the job. Read More

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