A few weeks ago, Apple’s multi-billion dollar deal for Beats Entertainment rocked the business world. Was Beats’ licensing agreement with Monster Cable still in effect? How can we use this deal to learn about the 3 aspects of any licensing agreement that will help us maximize our own bottom line? Read More
Many business owners think they are "too small" to incorporate. They wait until business picks up or they are ready to expand to formalize a business. Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, shares in this post why business owners should incorporate now! Read More
Considering a new business structure? Here's everything you need to know about forming an LLC for small businesses. Read More
CorpNet now offers Legal Protection Plan services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. All while being affordable, which small businesses care about! Read More
One of the biggest mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make is not setting up a solid foundation for success between themselves and their partners or cofounders when they start building their business in the form of a shareholders’ or partnership agreement. Now, just in case you’re new to my blog, I a Read More
Spring is the season for a fresh start. The dreaded Tax Day has come and gone and you have hopefully taken a post-paperwork breather to refresh yourself. Why not use that renewed energy and momentum to get organized in other areas of your professional life?

Dust off your insurance compliance, se Read More
With even college football players moving to unionize, small business owners may be wondering: Can my workers unionize too?

Here's a basic legal breakdown of when small business workers can unionize: Read More
Businesses and entrepreneurs have strong incentives to register the trademarks they use for their business, brand and product names. A trademark registration is a hugely valuable asset to a thriving business because of the benefits it provides. This article explains these benefits to help busines Read More
A trademark search is the most important step an entrepreneur or business can take before launching a new brand or service. The primary rationale for a trademark search is that it greatly reduces the likelihood of trademark infringement, but there are other valuable benefits as well. Read More
If your business collects personal information from its website these new principles could apply to you. To avoid fines of up to $1.7 million, here are 3 simple steps that will provide a snapshot of your business’s exposure. Read More

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