Starting your very own business as an entrepreneur can be pretty scary if you are not aware of the legal requirements. Consult with the right attorney. Read More
Nowadays, business and IT ethics are taking a dynamic character, with different motives: to increase profits on one hand, and to preserve the planet and sustainable development on it, on the other. These motives are especially evident through the imposition of business ethics rules. Read More
Nellie Akalp, CEO of, shares all you need to know about hiring freelancers at your small business and what contracts you need in place. Read More
Intellectual property (IP) needs to be identified before it can be protected but that is not where it stops for crowdfunding. Before launching a crowdfunding campaign or any financing presentation, do your research and look out for others’ IP. The last thing that you wish to do is labor over a camp Read More
Thinking about "trademarking" your startup's logo or business name? Protecting brand identity is both extremely important, and surprisingly straightforward. Trademark Attorney Eric W. Fries explains how to trademark a name or logo in the second of two articles on the topic. Read More
Company closure for a company director is probably the worst nightmare in business. That's when an insolvency practitioner comes into play and here are some common worries. Read More
It can take hours, and hundreds of dollars in added fees, to try to figure out why your company has been placed in bad standing by the state. Nellie Akalp, CEO of, shares how to keep your business in compliance. Read More
Not sure which business structure is right for you? This post outlines all your options, from LLC to corporation. Read More
SMEs often get hit the hardest with employment law changes. A great post for business owners who want to keep abreast of their obligations to employees. Read More
One challenging area a startup should deal with is law. Here are some common legal issues along with tips for how to handle them on a tight budget. Read More

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