Spring is the season for a fresh start. The dreaded Tax Day has come and gone and you have hopefully taken a post-paperwork breather to refresh yourself. Why not use that renewed energy and momentum to get organized in other areas of your professional life?

Dust off your insurance compliance, se Read More
With even college football players moving to unionize, small business owners may be wondering: Can my workers unionize too?

Here's a basic legal breakdown of when small business workers can unionize: Read More
Businesses and entrepreneurs have strong incentives to register the trademarks they use for their business, brand and product names. A trademark registration is a hugely valuable asset to a thriving business because of the benefits it provides. This article explains these benefits to help busines Read More
A trademark search is the most important step an entrepreneur or business can take before launching a new brand or service. The primary rationale for a trademark search is that it greatly reduces the likelihood of trademark infringement, but there are other valuable benefits as well. Read More
If your business collects personal information from its website these new principles could apply to you. To avoid fines of up to $1.7 million, here are 3 simple steps that will provide a snapshot of your business’s exposure. Read More
Businesses often struggle to budget how much the government actually charges to file trademarks. The determining factors are how many types (or "classes") of goods or services the trademark is being used with, and whether any of those goods or services are an entirely new entry to the market. Read More
Dealing with legalities like copyright and trademarks can be a confusing (and costly) matter for entrepreneurs. Our expert attorney Doug Wolf provides some... Read More
When people come to talk with me about patenting their inventive idea, inevitably this question arises: “How long will it take to get a patent?” When I tell them the patent approval process will probably take close to three years, their jaws drop in surprise. “Really, it’s going to take that long Read More
When you have decided that offshore company formation is for you, your next step would be deciding on where you want to set up the company, and how. Read More
For some new businesses, protecting intellectual property is key to success. However, attorneys specializing in intellectual property law can be insanely expensive and many new entrepreneurs feel that, since they can’t afford the legal bills, they can’t move forward with their businesses.
I don’t Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

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