Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees in sectors such as financial services undertake compliance training. This is important, but if I leave Bank A to work for Bank B, I have to do my training all over again. Collectively we are wasting countless hours on what we already know!

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You may want to consider complying with The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to keep your valued employees happy and motivated. Read More
There are many laws that govern how businesses must conduct themselves. Here are a few important tips for managing and minimising your legal risks. Read More
Business law is just one of the obstacles that you must overcome, and abiding by its intricate rules and regulations can seem daunting - but it should not. Read More
Though OSH strategies may differ across industries, it’s essential for any legitimate business with employees to have a proper safety plan in place. As a matter of fact, it’s stated in the law. Read More
While stronger intellectual property laws are garnering bipartisan support (like the recent Defend Trade Secrets Act), the issue of copyright, patents, and trademarks still remain unclear to many Americans and small business owners. Here's an IP 101 breakdown to get you up to speed. Read More
The following are all-too-common legal issues faced by startup founders. Continue reading to avoid these costly mistakes. Read More
Non-compliance with law can cost small business owners significantly in terms of legal cost, customer loss and reputation. Read More
Non-Solicitation Agreements (NSAs) are made by two parties to protect one party from a potential loss of income or assets. This type of agreement is warranted and often made when one party is about to become aware of certain important relationships the other party has developed. The non-solicitat Read More
An employment agreement is a formal contract between an employer and an employee which defines the conditions of employment. This agreement usually will specify major employment details and include everything from compensation to expectations for specific work to be performed. Read More

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