In addition to your finances, another area to always stay on top of is healthcare regulations. Lots of changes have occurred recently in regards to employer responsibility. Read on for more info. Read More
Many of the well known shops and restaurants you see on your local high street are actually franchises. Despite the fact that they have a well known brand name above the door, like Domino’s or McDonald’s, they are actually businesses owned by private individuals. Read more... Read More
Finding a franchise can be overwhelming. Knowing things to look for on your search can help. Here are 5 important things would-be franchisees probably should expect from a potential franchisor. Read More
Congratulations! You've survived getting your franchise or business opportunity out of the gate. Now it's time for hired help. Here are some tips on hiring your first employee. Read More
Last week, a judge gave final approval to the settlement of a class-action suit filed against Subway for serving foot long sub sandwiches that weren’t a foot long. Find out why this lawsuit is so important. Read More
Deciding on a franchise to purchase can be a difficult task, but securing franchise financing to get your startup off the ground and growing — that can be harder.
Franchise lending came to a grinding halt during the global economic crisis of 2008, but since that time there has been a gradual uptur Read More
Lots of franchise businesses use Smartphones these days. Franchisees can track business mileage, access payroll figures, and stay in touch with their stores 24/7. It’s all good. Check out Apple News and more. Read More
To be successful you need customers. To get customers, they need to know your business or franchise exists. Enter advertising. This post goes over 4 ways to let potential customers know about you. Read More
Figuring out how to get into a good franchise that will match your personality, experience and aptitude is the job of Joel Libava, known in the trade as The Franchise King. Listen in and learn how top pick the right franchise for you. Read More
There are two ways to buy a franchise. The first way is the “traditional” way. You figure out your financials, determine your budget, and then you try to find a franchise to buy that you feel could be a winner.Read about the 2nd way now. Read More

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