What makes franchising compatible for individuals in the middle of career transitions and what should they be aware of when scoping out franchise opportunities? Franchise Direct explores this. Read More
Many franchises have disparate solutions operating inside their business that don’t communicate with each other. This leads to costly inefficiencies and a loss of critical data analysis. Read more. Read More
A coffee franchise is a food-service franchise. The hours are long. You’ll have more than a few employees. You’ll have pretty high expenses, since you’ll have to lease a retail space that’s in a good area of town. You’ll probably carry a sizable amount of inventory. Coffee is expensive, an... Read More
A 20% discount is given to veterans interested in buying a franchise, and is directly tied to Michael’s military service, which left him with a strong appreciation for how hard it can be to make ends meet Read More
In this franchise blog post, I'm opening up the comment section to PR pros and even students. I want to know how they would handle a real PR nightmare for a certain pizza franchise concept. Read More
It's no secret that franchise investing provides, in many cases, a proven model of business that first-time owners can rely upon. But, you may not have to bet your farm. Take a look at 9 low-cost franchises. Read More
With the Senate Bill 610 on hold until next year after sufficient votes in its favor failed to turn up, some of the key considerations challenging the good faith proposition for franchising in California raise questions about the necessity of the bill. Learn more at Franchise Direct. Read More
What is a myth?: Any invented story, idea, or concept. Related: fable, legend. Now, what is a franchise business ownership myth? Better yet, what are the top 10? Read this so you can help me put these franchise myths where they belong; out to pasture! Read More
Should you buy a franchise, or create your own startup from the ground floor? This article will help you ponder on the options. Read More
As a franchise coach I work with a number of clients who, for a variety of reasons, want to own a franchise as an alternative to their current “situation,” as I’ll refer to it in this post. Intent upon buying a franchise these clients often have little understanding of the need to follow a thoroug Read More

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