Entering into a business venture requires a lot less start-up money than you think, and consider what you’ll gain with that investment. Here are 5 low cost franchise opportunities for you to consider. Read More
The NLRB recently delivered a decision that could have broad implications. McDonald's, which was involved directly in the case, will likely see the first impacts. But what could those impacts be? Read More
The 7-Eleven convenience store franchise company has been taking a beating in the Australian media for a wage scandal that looks to get worse before it gets better. Read More
If you're on the hunt for a franchise, one of the things to consider is equity. It’s something that is not usually top of mind with most franchise buyers. That’s because they’re considering several other things as they investigate opportunities that appeal to them. Read more... Read More
Several thousand businesses, in several hundred industries, sell business format franchises in the United States.
But not all are equally successful at attracting buyers.
While there are many reasons for this differential performance, one important explanation is that some ideas are more easily f Read More
Use this checklist to help you prepare for franchise ownership. It's located on the Franchise Direct franchise blog, and is a blog post you'll want to bookmark. Read More
On franchising and the minimum wage debate: Market conditions will dictate how much you’ll pay your employees. They always have. Don’t get yourself into a tizzy over the minimum wage issue. Seriously. It’s not like you can control it anyway. Read More
Zaniac began in Park City, Utah, in 2012 with its first campus. Since the birth of his children, founder Paul Zane Pilzer realized what schools these days were missing: a fun location where kids could come to learn alternative methods.
Zane Math, for example, is a teaching approach using paper and Read More
J.J. Ramberg, the host of a long-running small business show, is featured in this collection of the latest franchising and business links from The Franchise King Blog. Read More
This business opportunity is very different. Different can be good for people wanting to be their own bosses. Especially something that's low-investment- different. Like this 3-wheeled business. Check it out. Read More

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