Franchise professionals know that consumer behavior affects industry. Regular attention to the complexities of consumer choice is good for business. In line with this, the USDA recently completed a survey based on diner behavior. Read More
Quiznos corporate sold geographic areas-territories…to Area Directors. These area directors were paid 50 percent of the initial franchise fee, and 40 percent of the royalties of each unit they sold. They have a lot to do with the reason that Quiznos is in trouble. Again. Read More
When people turn 50, everything changes. Mentally. Physically. Their entire attitude and outlook changes. They realize that they're middle-aged. And, they want to be younger. And, look younger. Help them. Read More
Most entrepreneurs wait until later to make the leap, but beating the crowd has distinct advantages.  It happens every January: our web traffic at Guidant Financial goes through the roof with people seeking advice about financing a new venture. Red why. Read More
Used to be, salads were the thing you didn’t want to order on a fast food menu featuring hamburgers.* They were wilted, waterlogged and anything but appetizing. Then a few years ago, fast food franchises like Wendy’s started offering better-tasting salads. And they sold pretty well. Is there a heal Read More
Normally, I wouldn't have mentioned that their new hire was a woman, but there’s an awful lot of buzz going around lately concerning the lack of women in executive positions at major companies. This McDonald's franchise hire is an important one. Read More
How do you find that "perfect" franchise? Does one even exist? Is it a realistic objective? If there was a perfect franchise business opportunity around, how would you know it was...perfect? I produced this franchise video to help you figure that out. Read More
It's great to see a home services franchise win a coveted award from Angie's List. Window Genie of Indianapolis did just that, and it's a terrific accomplishment. Especially since this Window Genie provides six different services. Read More
I have no idea why anyone interested in buying a franchise would want to know the answer to the following question. "How long until I make any money?" My answer... Read More
The co-founder of a New York-based startup offers advice from his experience working with bad vendors. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Ti Roberts @tiroberts Bitten By Marketing Bug

The Internet marketing bug bit Ti Roberts early on. Since then, she has come a long way, honing her marketing … More
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