There is a rise of brands moving towards producing, sponsoring, and being a part of movies and other forms of media. This new trend is brand integration.
We all must have witnessed some form of branded entertainment where the script of a TV show or film media, though entertaining, revolves around Read More
Banner ads are most widespread form of advertisements. They are important for conversion and sales. There are certain techniques you can use to make your banner ads more relevant and attractive. Read More
You might be familiar with the term business casual, but what does it really mean? And more importantly, what does it mean to your company's communications. Learn more about the new trend of business casual copywriting and how you can use it to connect with your audience (or not). Read More
You live in the US and are thinking of running an Adwords campaign in Singapore to increase sales in that location. You want to run a campaign but are unsure of what competition you could be facing and would like to see the types of keywords your competitors are bidding on.

One way to make it lo Read More
If you want to start using paid advertising, you should first choose the platforms you’ll be working with. In this article we will write about the most popular online advertising platforms, so you can choose the one which would be the best for your business. Read More
Advertising can bring you quick success. That’s the reason it’s still in vogue and will continue to be so.
Small businesses need to shrug off the preconceived notion that advertising is uber-expensive. Read More
In this video and article, I share my 10 step system for scaling our winning Facebook advertisements. This system is always changing as Facebook evolves their platform. Read More
or the last couple of years, styluses have grown in popularity as marketing tools. This popularity can be linked to the rapid rise of digital devices around the world. Not many people are aware that styluses are available in different forms. Let’s take a look at them. Read More
Pop Up Stores, also known as temporary retail or flash retail opens up a plethora of opportunities for retailers to generate buzz for their brand and boost revenue. Read More
When approaching the marketing side of your business, it all may seem quite overwhelming at first. How do you get the public to sit-up and take notice of you, especially in a sea of other ventures all vying for attention. Well, one simple home truth is that everyone notices customized promotional p Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

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