Efficient and effective—these word capture why you should have items such as custom water bottles on your business or brand’s promotional mix.
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Did you know that an estimated 36% of internet advertising is spent on fraudulent traffic or bots? According to security firm Solve Media, these zombie computers simulating real traffic cost advertisers about $10 billion last year alone. Now a new startup called White Ops believes they’ve found a w Read More
Video has become a very popular way to market a person or their business. It has been proven to be a more engaging way to capture an audience’s attention and to make an organization’s message a lot clearer. However, there are many misconceptions people have about shooting and producing a video, ma Read More
The more creative your QR code, the more likely you’ll create engagement between your message and consumers. The following companies successfully used QR codes in both inventive and creative ways to connect and educate their purchasing audience. How do QR codes fit into your advertising campaigns? Read More
Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, however when it comes to your business, if it’s ugly, then everyone will notice, no one will be interested and ultimately you will not sell! Read More
Have you been missing out on making money with promoting Konga products on your site or on your social media profiles? Then you must read this article to learn all there is about Konga affiliate program. Read More
Companies are spending so much for outdoor ads because they still work. In what ways does outdoor advertising still work? Read More
Facebook is the number 1 social media site, businesses have taken advantage of its popularity and have used it as a advertising platform. In this article are outlined tips on how to properly create a Facebook ad campaign. Read More
About ten years ago I wrote an article called “15 Ways to
Advertise for Free.” At that time the advertising methods
detailed in the article were very popular and quite effective. But
because of the ever-changing internet and evolving technology, I
thought it would be interesting to revisi Read More
Engaging content is where things start, not contact us. So, if you think a great offer is all your prospect needs to buy, you might be a Bowhm – and a large percentage of your traffic is not being cultivated to produce future buyers.
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