Where you write your content marketing has an effect on the final result. Do you prefer noise, silence, or solitude? Read More
While the traditional ad spends may be around for awhile - they’re not where the savvy ad spend is being invested.

Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter ads have seen double digital growth - and it’s not slowing down. This is where your customers are.

Read More
Knowing what size of poster to use for a specific need can help you get more suitable prints.Here are simple tips on what size to use and when or where to best use it: Read More
Yesterday I was thinking of calls-to-action (CTAs) for a new Facebook Ad campaign I wanted to run, and I caught myself wondering why I was starting from scratch again.

I mean, I’ve created and analyzed a ton of Facebook Ads. Why don’t I have a set of formulas I can go back to? Read More
In last week’s blog post on media agencies, I talked about the Netflix model of commissioning TV shows (as a whole series), which gives viewers what they want, when they want it – and asked, are media agencies really making the most of social media to understand their customers? - See more at: http Read More
Selling your business requires the proper marketing, just like any other business transaction you will ever make. If you want to bring in more clients, then you need to have an effective advertising campaign to compel your target audience to patronize your business. The more people your advertising Read More
Your PPC account should have a logical structure just like a website does. This is because the way you organize the products and services you advertise in your PPC account makes a difference in its success, your Quality Score *and* your sanity (and you're gonna need that when you manage PPC). Read More
Advertising is becoming cleverer and more eye-catching as we begin to become wise to certain companies' tactics. Here are some great examples of innovative ads. Read More
Stefan Engeseth of Detective Marketing writes:

Zlatan is amazing in more ways than words can play.
Zlatan's Volvo commercial is made by Forsman & Bodenfors, the most awarded agency in this part of the world.

I think FB are really great but this is by far the most boring commercial I have eve Read More
Bogged down with too much of work? You need some professional help. There are many bloggers, personal development coaches and productivity visionaries around the web who might help you in your endeavor and these are the best 11 of them! Read More

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