In today’s Boardroom session, I dive into the next steps for cranking up the engine on a dormant store… one portion of this was the product advertising funnel I introduced in my last video.

I go into more detail and take extra steps in the full Boardroom member’s only video, but I wanted to shar Read More
I’ve been recording myself today building out a sweet product funnel for you. The first step of the process was for me to get my products created and in place.

I’ve been talking a bunch about canvas prints so I went ahead and created a beautiful canvas print art piece in less than an hour using Read More
Outdoor space now plays a major role in new business parks and renovations of older campuses. Here are some more trends inside. Read More
Without a doubt, Google Adsense is the go-to source of income for most bloggers. Most new blogs with some decent traffic set up Google ads on their website. Read More
Dynamic Ads enable you to laser-target people who browse home and apartment listings on your site, and present them with relevant adverts for properties when they use Facebook. Read More
How do we know what constitutes a good advertisement? Who can make such a decision and how?

Advertising is usually set among the creative industries and as such it is situated among the arts. University courses in advertising are arts rather than science courses. This schism provides us with so Read More
Technology is great, when it can be understood properly. The problem is, few really get it. We hear the idiotic hyperbole of the digital revolution telling us that everything will change and robots will eat our mothers. But tech doesn’t work like that. The question we must keep asking ourselves is; Read More
Advertising is currently becoming one of the biggest nightmares for companies. However, with the traditional advertising methods getting increasingly expensive, companies are in desperate need of substitutes. Well, Google came to the rescue with the introduction of online advertising strategies suc Read More
Do you enjoy doing keyword research? Probably not. It is one of the more tedious steps with Google AdWords campaigns. Depending on how many people are involved, it can be a lengthy process if you have to get pre-approval from other departments and research the volume and competitiveness of keywords Read More
Advertising can be a little bit more difficult for a small business. Advertisers have to be more creative and follow different sets of advice. Read More

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