The affiliate marketing vs. AdSense issue is mainly pertinent for those starting out in internet marketing, or those running a blog and are wondering how to use it to make some cash. There are pros and cons for each of these quite different ways of monetizing a blog or website. Read More
Google Offers First Peak at New AdWords Redesign, Features? Most of Google has already gotten a Material Design makeover—except for AdWords. Updating AdWords will not only cement Google’s design makeover across its most important services; it will also make its platform a whole lot more usable in a Read More
Experts predict that pay-per-click advertising can gain even better ground this 2016 with more features and flexibility from Google Adwords. So, join the bandwagon now and learn how you can reach more potential customers using Google AdWords. Read More
Even the best banner ads become less effective the more you see them. An ad that’s fresh and noticeable one day will gradually blend into the background the more often you see it, leading to a phenomenon advertisers refer to as banner blindness, ad exhaustion or ad fatigue. Read More
Study these 30 awesome Twitter ad examples (and actionable tips you can copy) before spending anything to set yourself up for success from the get-go. Read More
Ambush marketing and guerrilla campaigns could be considered underhand but the best are most certainly creative and innovative.

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You created some truly epic content and drove truck loads of quality traffic to your website. It makes sense to want to make the most money from every click, and avoid low-priced ads. So don’t say we never did anything for you. Here’s a complete guide to cutting out those low-cpc ads from your inve Read More
After nine years and massive success, Dos Equis is retiring “the most interesting man in the world”. Here are five things that made this marketing campaign so unique and effective. Read More
Do you want to run a memorable marketing campaign on a shoestring budget? Then these giveaways under $1 are just the right products for you! These promotional items under $1 are high on value and will definitely be used by your recipients. Read More
Rekha Ravindra, Vice President of Marketing at RadiumOne suggests how marketers can strategize their mobile advertising to drive more RoI. Read More

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