There is a fine art to advertising through Facebook.  Getting an initial campaign to make money is the easy part.  Once things start to look good, w Read More
An infographic that compares the fake shoot and real product of popular food, hotel and fashion brands. Alarmingly, the actual items look a lot different from their ads. Sometimes the fake out is funny especially in hotels and resorts. For example, an ad shows an infinity pool using... Read More
Today it’s quite easy to start a blog and run it for some time but it’s too difficult to make it famous and successful. In a survey it’s been seen that 95% of the newly started blogs are getting closed or become inactive after initial 2-3 months. What is the main reason behind it? Yest it is promot Read More
Today when i visit some blogs i just found a very interesting Infographic, which was powered by They show where, in which city, which location & which Company the Top 100,000 Websites are Hosted. After you saw that You can also surprise with this all contents. Source: … [Read more...] Read More
The more streamlined you can make the process of finding what they want for customers, the quicker they’ll click the buy button. Adding extra steps or unnecessary detours to unrelated or semi-related pages just creates friction, frustration and failure. Read More
L.T. discusses how to improve your marketing tactics for the holidays! Find out what's trending in search, and optimize your AdWords accordingly. Read More
A few years ago to retarget or remarket to visitors to your site, subscribers on your email lists, or your customers was difficult. Today with the amount of options you have before you that’s not the case. As you’ll see in this list there’s quite a few options for implementing retargeting in your m Read More
Influencer marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing.

As a result, there are quite a lot of misconceptions.

Here I’ll discuss 5 of the most common ones.
Influencers Are Impossible To Get A Hold Of

One of the primary objections to influencer marketing is that people find influe Read More
Although many B2Bs may be tempted to relax PPC efforts during the holidays, the last month of the year presents a great opportunity to plan for 2015. Read More
It also means that information presented in frequently updated and in creative – video, graphical – forms. Finally, information that can be used to generate a collaborative community-wide response will score over one channel or unilateral communication. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Say Hello To Ileane Smith: Contributor of The Week!

Woo-hoo! Meet our latest "Contributor of the Week," Ileane Smith. Ileane started her small business adventure … More
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