Heads up: We just opened the doors to enrollment in our Copyblogger Certification program. If you’re a writer with a terrific writing voice and the desire to learn rock-solid strategy, we’d love to see you there. Read More
n the endless sea of possibilities, cloud-based LMS has become a pretty popular way to go. But – what are the factors that you should pay attention to before making the final decision regarding the LMS, and what does cloud-based LMS offer to its users that other systems don’t? These are the questio Read More
Working on a wordpress is not always a cake-walk.

Sometimes it also comes across several errors which may be technical like locking MYSQL tables, a virus or corrupt file invasion or an improper wordpress installation.

The best course of action to fix this problem is to uninstall the WordPress Read More
Are you looking for apps for the Apple iOS 11 and later? These are the best free and low-cost apps of 2018 according to iPhone Life Magazine. Read More
According to Statista, the number of self-employed workers has risen. However, the infographic here shows that women who work for themselves earn 28% less than their male peers in America. So, can self-employment actually close the wage gap? Read More
Why use a CRM software system? Of course, technology is still far away from adopting a genuinely personalized approach to customer management, but it would be fair to at least describe CRM systems as the tools that let you be ‘everywhere’, at ‘any time’. They attract and manage valuable prospects, Read More
As more customers look for products and services that understand their needs and responsive to their situations, businesses find it necessary to personalize customer interactions to stay competitive. Indeed, a Forrester study revealed that 72% of customers believe “time is the most important thing Read More
Things break down. It’s a fact of life. Cars, refrigerators, phones, and websites – it’s all the same. However, nobody expects you to change the oil in a vehicle without having physical access to it. But some customers do expect you to debug and fix their websites without giving you complete admin Read More
Site speed is important. It always was and always will be. More and more site owners have become aware of this after Google stated on several occasions that speed does affect search-engine rankings.

But not all themes for WordPress are the same. Check out this detailed comparison and find the b Read More
Which tool should you use to automate your most tedious tasks in Trello – the Butler Power-Up or the Butlerbot? In this article I am giving an intro in the Butler Power-Ups advantages and disadvantages, and also talk about some of its distinctive features. Read More

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